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Tucson: Casting for Low Budget Feature Film

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This is to be filmed in Tucson...

From: Good Faith Casting []
Sent: Wednesday, April 02, 2008 7:47 PM
Subject: Casting for Low Budget Feature Film

Please email your headshot/resume to

April 2nd, 2008

Please read the following carefully and submit ONLY if you fit the character descriptions below.

Casting for "Heathen Stevens"

We are casting for the low budget, non-union feature "Heathen Stevens". Below is a description of the film, as well as the characters we are casting for.

A full length, character based� docu comedy/drama about a fundamentalist Christian that attempts to methodically convert an Atheist, a Buddhist and a Jew into Born Again Christians.� Specifically the main fundamentalist character tries to set an example for his son, so that he would know how to remain a Christian when he leaves the house and enters the heathen world. Things complicate when the Heathens refuse to start "the five step" program to begin the conversion process,� as a result faith's are challenged and as is the fundamentalist's meaning of a Christian.


Martha Lyman - wife of Jedediah Lyman. Housebound Fundamentalist Christian wife, Caucasian, 35-45. Character is normally incredibly reserved and "lost" in her boring household routine. With the arrival of the Stevens she tries to include herself more socially in order to add interest to her routine. This results in her speaking up inappropriately, or curiously asking questions and involving herself when she should be sticking to "the routine". Really the character just wants to be involved and to receive some sort of mild attention.

Adam the Atheist - African American young man 18-22, tall, slender to medium built... Character has lost his scholarship to "beer and girls" and has found a "free ride" in participating on the documentary show. Character is determined to make things as easy and smooth as possible. Character is very intelligent, hence the scholarship, however because of his age is prone to making mistakes. Essentially he thinks he's getting away with something by being there, however, when he realizes that things aren't going to go his way, he has to decide whether or not to take responsibility for his actions.

Bernardo the Buddhist - Hispanic 18-23, overweight, short hair and facial hair (mustache)... Character is doing show for his girlfriend who keeps telling him that he's going to hell. Bernardo is genuinely sincere about his intentions of learning Christianity. He is incredibly soft spoken and reserved and doesn't speak four words when two will do. He's always writing what he's learning in his notebook and he does this with the hope that by him converting, he can settle down with his girlfriend.

Please email your headshot/resume to All pictures should be in jpeg format. DO NOT send us links to websites to view your pictures. When submitting, please make sure you put the character you are submitting for in the subject line. Again this is a NON UNION project.

Faith Hibbs-Clark, C.S.A

Casting Director

Chris Bowe

Casting Associate

Good Faith Casting

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