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Tucson: casting call for a feature film



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I have a casting call for a feature film. There are 4 locations. Each
part(with the exception of 3 parts) will be shot in one day at a
specific location. I have worked with many of the local actors here in
Tucson and have pre-cast them in about half of the parts. There are
many remaining parts to fill. This is an independent film, so I can
only afford to feed you. This is my sixth feature film and all of my
films with the exception of my first have made it into film festivals
that I contributed to.

Synopsys of the film: The year is 1957 and a radio station is on the
brink of bankruptsy and the station crew comes up with a plan to save
the station. There are three sub plots. An old couple who hate each
other is the first. Second is Five women who are hiding from danger.
The third is the stations PR rep is naive' about his girlfriends needs.

Shooting will be in May and June on Saturdays, so make sure you can
make our schedule before applying.

I will need a head shot. I Do NOT Need a bio. That will be needed only
for interviews before casting.

Here is a list of characters:

Johnny The show host (Filled)
Brian the show announcer (Filled)x
Mac Station PR (Filled)
Anita Macs girls friend (Filled)x
Roger Field agent (Filled)x
Mr. Kransky the crazy guy (Filled)x
Mrs. Kransky his wife (Filled)x
Jen Female part Open
Dottie female part OPen
Babs Female part (Dallas)
Shelly female part Open
Mr Peterkraut Station owner Open
Sue and Lou station Writers (Renata As Sue)x (Ben as Lou)
Chester open
Cop 1 Open
Cop2 open
Clarence Open
female teller open
Bank customer male open
Yearns male part open
Hallen (Filled)x
Fake ventriliquist. Open
Dummy Open
Waiterss Open
Shoe shine boy Open
Lots of single shot extras. Open


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