Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tucson: One-day Seminars at The Studio For Actors



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Subject: One-day Seminars at The Studio For Actors


The Studio For Actors is now offering your dream seminars - offered only once a year
310 East 6th Street (off 4th Ave.)
Take one, two, three or all four - each seminar is only $35.00

April 25
The Voiceover Business
What you need to get into the voice business, making a demo CD, and how to make a lot of money doing radio and television commercial voice overs.

May 2
Auditioning for TV commercials
There are many skills that come into play when auditioning for on-camera TV commercials.  We'll go over everything and I'll provide many pieces of example copy.

May 9
How to get more TV commercial auditions
Your agent isn't enough.  I can show you how to get many more auditions and how to do really well at those auditions!

May 16
Auditioning for plays
There are so many small theatres and companies in Tucson, and we'll prepare you to audition really well for plays, to get callbacks and to get cast.

All the seminars are taught by Anna Risley, at the Studio For Actors.  Check out her resume at

Please call 520-881-2363 and sign up for any one of the seminars by April 23.  Each seminar has a small group limit (so you get lots of personal attention)


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