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Tucson: Audition - Casting for "Reck and Ima," Romantic Comedy Feature


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Subject: Schedlue Your Audition Time Now - Casting for "Reck and Ima," Romantic Comedy Feature


Auditions start this weekend for the rom-com feature Reck and Ima, by the director of Romance at Frisky's Bar.  A partial character break down has been added below, but there are many other principle roles.  Contact Bill or Aleta to schedule and audition time.


Char-Leta Productions announce 


Feature length romantic comedy about the rise of 'losers' and the fall of 'winners'. 

Two 'red-neck' southerners move to Tucson and take on the university graduate-school students.


This film is the next feature by the writer/director of Romance at Frisky's Bar, which was screened four times in Tucson to sold out or nearly sold out audiences, who laughed throughout the film.


Auditions beginning after August 14th, 2008.  Total cast will include Ninety-Five members including extras.  


Movie will be shot in Tucson and various scenic locations in Pima county.


Movie will be shot in High Definition with 'solid state' Sony camcorder.


Also needed, technicians and behind the scenes help.



Bill or Aleta  520  577 0452

Aleta 520  449 6995



Partial Character breakdown:



Reck is a 43-ish year old redneck, ninth grade graduate from Sophee’, North Carolina.  He has thick southern, ‘hick’, accent.  He wears outdated glasses and has very frizzy out-of-control hair. He has only two shirts. He is uncoordinated and works in a pizza shop delivering pizzas.  He’s in love with Ima.



Ima is 33-ish. She graduated from the tenth grade. She also has a thick southern accent. She came to Tucson from North Carolina to find her love.  Reck followed her.  She has outdated hair, outdated clothes, wears glasses, no make-up.  She is very lively, energetic and has a knack for cart-wheels and other athletic feats.


Reck’s cousin and roommate.  No sense of style.  He is about one IQ point brighter than Reck.  He continuously calls Reck names. Views himself as much more handsome, intelligent, and romantic than is actually the case.


Ima’s aunt and roommate.  Age fifty-ish.  Eleventh grade graduate.  Quite assertive.  Waitress. She abhors Reck.  She’s still looking for the lover of her life.


Fourth year graduate student at local university. Mid- twenties. Rich. Very arrogant, sexist, cruel. Minimal compassion. Degrades ‘losers’ and women.  His degree and acquiring money are his prime concerns in life. 


Brent’s sidekick.  Mid-twenties. Rich.  Graduate student. Also rather arrogant and cruel. Takes advantage of others when there is an opportunity. Kind of a ‘weasel’.


Lorris is also a fourth year graduate student.  Early to mid-twenties. She is bright, a feminist, somewhat compassionate, strong, assertive and “hates” Brent.  She is fashionable but not extremely feminine.  She goes for the “jugular” when she meets a sexist or anyone who is unfair to others.  She will risk it all to get even.


A fourth year graduate student and Lorris’ sidekick.  Mid- twenties. She is bright, assertive, compassionate, stylish.  Not as willing to take risks as Lorris.



Middle age eccentric college professor.  Messy, nervous, somewhat unkempt. Preaches ethics and morality but involves himself in immorality.



High school graduate, construction worker. Traditional male. Has own rules about how women should be. Drives a 4-wd pick-up.


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