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Tucson: Audition Technique at The Studio for Actors



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There is no better time of the year to take an acting class, and to brush up and prepare for the fall season.  Late September brings many auditions for TV commercials, films, and plays.  Being really ready for all these auditions is so important. 

One of the courses being offered during August, September, and October at The Studio for Actors is:

Audition Technique - We'll refine your audition technique regarding breaking down film sides, TV copy, and plays, and analyzing your character.  I'll also give you a really valuable marking method, which will greatly improve your auditions.

6 consecutive Monday nights
Start on any Monday.
$45 per week
(If you have to miss one, we can do a make-up.)

Also being offered are:

"The Business"
Comedy Improvisation
On-Camera Film Acting

Each of these classes is taught by Anna Risley at her Studio (The Studio for Actors), located on 6th Street, just off 4th Avenue.  Anna has 30 years of experience in film, television, and stage acting.  To check out her resume, please visit , or call her at (520) 881-2363 to sign up


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