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Tucson: AUDITIONS-Borderlands Theater, "Coyote y Culebra Youth Project"



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Subject: AUDITIONS-Borderlands Theater, "Coyote y Culebra Youth Project"







Borderlands Theater is looking for a few great performers!!


We are looking for: Performers of diverse backgrounds to participate in our Coyote y Culebra Youth Project (now in its 3rd inception).


The Youth Project will begin rehearsals in late September with Workshops and Performances scheduled for October.


Needed: Experienced Professional Performers

Ages 18-58, all backgrounds

Improv, Movement and some Voice Training a Must 

Utilizing stories created by elementary and middle school students, local idioms and a tender hearted script by playwright, Toni Press-Coffman, Borderlands Theater will workshop a two-part, theater ensemble piece for school tours and public performances.  Contracted Payment per performance   


Auditions will be held August 10th between 9:00am-12pm, with Callbacks August 11th between 6:30pm-9:30pm

Please call Borderlands Theater for appointment and information.

Borderlands Theater Office: 520-882-8607


Coyote y Culebra Youth Project: As wide open spaces continue to diminish and connections increase, wildlife is forced into our cluttered urban sprawl and different cultures are forced to intermingle. 


What happens when native creatures mix with wandering humans while all are trying to come to terms with their evolving environment?  In a dangerous world of new beginnings and challenges, cultures collide, stories are shared, and new friendships are forged.  This tale of life celebrated is told through improv, music and dance. 


Alida Wilson-Gunn

Education Outreach (ATTN: Emily Pratt, AUDITION)



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