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Tucson: Casting Call, Gore/Horror Feature Film

Casting Gore/Horror Feature Film

Cast is needed for ultra low-budget, feature film. This movie will be shot in Tucson, Arizona. Experienced and non-experienced actors are welcome to submit, as well as union or non-union. Union actors may have to sign a SAG waiver. This film will be submitted to Horror Film Festivals.

This film will contain lots of gore, blood and dissipated people, but will also have a sinisterly comedic touch. The film is divided into 3 stories that connect to each other; each story has a leading character.


*All cast members must be at least 18 years of age.

CANDI - (Lead) She is married to an unscrupulous lawyer. She was an outstanding student and moved to Mexico to be the US consul. She was a submissive daughter and wife until she her serial killer instincts took hold. This character wears lots of disguises and wigs (Actresses between 25 - 35 yo for this role)

THE HITMAN - (Lead) A man who makes his living by killing people. One day he is hired to kill somebody he loves. This part requires a scene where he makes out with another man. NO SEX INVOLVED. and a nude scene by himself NO SEX INVOLVED (Actors between 30 - 40 yo for this role The Hitman should have a Jason Statham look)

CONRAD - This is Candi's assistant at a US consulate in Mexico. He is decapitated by Candi. (All actors from 20 - 30 yo can submit for this character and need to be able to learn some lines in Spanish)

DETECTIVE HECTOR GARCIA - He becomes obsessed with catching the serial killer (Candi) (Actors who speak fluent spanish are needed for this role. age range 30 - 40 yo)

DETECTIVE LOUIE - He works with Detective Garcia. This character is Mexican-American and must speak some Spanish (Actors between 30 - 40 yo for this role)

SCOTT CRAWFORD - This is Candi's husband. He is a lawyer who works in Mexico at a branch of a big US law firm. He is mean, yells at people and never pays attention to his wife. He is killed by his wife after sees him having a tryst in a motel with another woman.

WARD PRICE - Candi's father. He gets decapitated by his daughter (Actors 55 yo up to for this role)

HELEN PRICE - Candi's mother. (Actress 55 yo up to for this role)

JULIETTA - Candi's maid


WITNESS AT PARK - Woman who finds Conrads body in the park

HOTLE FRONT DESK CELRK - (Actors between 18 - 25 yo for this role)

THE HITMAN'S VICTIM - This character has a scene were he makes out with The Hitman. NO SEX INVOLVED. (Actors between 25 - 35 yo for this role)

GANG MEMBER #1 - He is a gang member who hooks up with Candi. (Actors between 20 - 30 yo for this role. Must be fluent in Spanish)


MARTIN - Policeman

THE TAXIDERMIST HUSBAND - He is dead the whole movie (Actors between 35 - 45 yo for this role)

TAXIDERMIST VICTIM - She is one of the taxidermist victims she is pregnant (in the film)

Male and Female Feature Extras and Background - from 18 yo up to any age for these roles

Please submit headshot, resume or or reel, and contact info to:
Attention: Gina Vetro
PO Box # 30040
New York, New York 10011

Gina Vetro: and

Shoot schedule: Tentatively planned to start in November, 2008
Shoot location: Tucson

Pay: Depends on role - non-union contract
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