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Tucson: Cactus Pants Cowboy, August 19-20 at Beowulf Alley Theatre


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Beowulf Alley’s Late Night Theatre presents

Cactus Pants Cowboy

The Comedy Collective


(Tucson, AZ) Late Night Theatre at Beowulf Alley, 11 South 6th Avenue, Downtown between Broadway and Congress, presents Cactus Pants Cowboy (formerly Grendel’s Mom). Performances for this very special event are on Friday and Saturday August 19th and 20th at, 10:00 p.m.


Take advantage of the pre-performance ticket price of $8 each until August 18! Purchase online at or by phone at (520) 882-0555. On the days of performance, all tickets are $10 at the door the night of performance. For additional information, please call (520) 977-5218 or (520) 882-0555.



Cactus Pants Cowboy is Tucson’s own premiere comedy troupe featuring the comic stylings of

Evan Engle, Brian Hanson, Tara Kleinbrink, Eric and Scott O’Brien and Tristyn Tucci. The troupe presents brand new material as well as classic sketches like Hobo Cop and I Love You, Sean Bean. This comedy group has adult themes and language, and may not be appropriate for younger audiences.



Cactus Pants Cowboy has performed previously under the name Grendel’s Mom but became distraught by the tenuous connection to Angelina Jolie and classic Old English literature. The performance lasts a little less than an hour. Is there any better way to celebrate Tucson’s birthday than to laugh? Wait, we didn’t mean it like that. Happy Birthday, Tucson!  Come see Cactus Pants Cowboy!



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