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Tucson: Final Casting Call, student short "Unusual Dream" - Female 23-30

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Hi Bill, Thank you for sending emails for actors for my movie -
almost they complete. I want just one more to meet this week because
in August 8 we will shoot the movie.

The actor i need is a girl in age 23 to 30 to act Marie as the main
character wife.

Reply to

this the shooting days and time:


1) Fadel will act Ali as mine character

2) girl will act Marie

3) Alfredo will act Tom

4) Sam will act Jaber

5) David will act Van

6) Nyka Will act Faith

7) Lily will act Jan

8) Mike will act The mayor

9) Jason Will act Wallty and the mail man

10) Buck Will act the man with the gas mask and body gourd

11) Mike will act the William who work in the office

12) Lunda will act the mayor's wife

Shooting time

Monday August 8

2525 W Anklam RD Tucson AZ 85745

1) we will going to shoot at day time to shoot the long scene as the
last scene in the movie

2) second scene apartment as the mayor room and will will shoot Wally
office at the same time

3) Pool at the same place

4) Will shoot at the TV room at the same place

5) will shoot at the hall way

6) Lobby will shoot scene for the mine character and his self and the
man with gas mask attacking main character.

Actor needed for this day are

1) Fadel

2) Alfredo

3) Mike

4) Buck

5) Sam

6) and the girl who is going to act Marie

7) lourn


Pima west at the offices

day time

we will film Jan office and Faith trying to save Jan

1) we will shoot at he office

2) We will shoot when Jan get in to he restroom and get out from it

3) we will film in the hallway

4) will will shoot when Jan back to the office

5) will shoot at the office after Jan died

6) will shoot Faith in her car.


day time

Will shoot at my new place as van room and the main character room

1111 W Street Marie's

1) short scene of the main character room

2) long scene for Van acting by David

3) we will shoot Jan that she hid in this apartment attacking by the
man with gas mask.

4) empty room will shoot a memory as flash back

5) The main character walking with his wife to the car to the mayor house

actors needed for this scene are

1) Fadel

2) David

3) Lily

4) Buck

5) Jason

5) girl who going to act Marie

will shoot at Euclid at place call castle apartment as Faith room and
the dream of Ali as the main character

1) Will shoot Faith in her room

2) in her bathroom

3) Kitchen

4) pool at the same place

5) Ali in the same apartment

actors needed for this scene are

1) Fadel

2) Nyka

3) Alfredo

4) Lily

5) David

6) Buck

Park at Selverball

we will shoot the scene where the main character facing the man with
mask as fighting scene

night time


actor needed

1) Fadel

2) Buck

Sunday at day time

Out side the Mayor house at star pass

1) we will shoot inside a car

2) out side the mayor house

actors needed

1) Fadel

2) Who going to act Marie

3) Mike

4) Jason

5) Buck

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