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Tucson: Casting Call - Feature Film "The Forsaken" - paid


Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2011 11:42 AM
Subject: [IFASA] Casting Call - Feature Film


Taz Entertainment is holding auditions for the upcoming feature film, “The Forsaken” which shoots in Flagstaff,AZ September through November. The project will be made under the SAG Ultra Low Budget agreement. Union and Non-Union members are welcome to submit. If you are interested in auditioning, please submit you headshot, resume, and role you’re interested in reading for to Auditions will be a selection process.
Auditions in Tucson will be held on Friday, September 2 from 9am to 6pm. If you are unable to audition and are interested, please let us know. We are willing to accept auditions online by the end of business Friday.

The project, The Forsaken, is about a young woman who defies social conventions when she sets off alone to see the west in an attempt to make peace with her tragic past before returning home to marry her childhood best friend. However, she falls in love with a married rancher on the precipice of a dangerous range war. The project is based on a true story. Picture it as a cross between Legends of the Fall and Australia.

The roles are:
-      Cy-Caucasian male, wily, 25-35.

-      Eleanor- 28-35 Caucasian, attractive, dark hair. Very proper but also goes literally crazy as the film progresses.

-      Haley-Caucasian male, sandy blond/lt. brown hair, attractive, 30-35.

-      James-Caucasian male, well built, 25-29.

-      Gus-African American male, respectable, 50-60.

-      Charlie-Caucasian male, insecure, 20-25.

-      Callow-Caucasian male, distinguished, 55-60.

-      Sadie-Caucasian female, attractive, red hair, 20-25.

-      Anna-Caucasian female, plain/frumpy, 40-60.

-      Charlotte-Caucasian female, dark brown hair, 5- 9 years

Pay: $100 a day (room and board will be provided)
Union: SAG and Non-Union welcome to submit
Nudity: None


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