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Tucson: Casting Call, UoA Short Film "Confessions" - BFA Senior Thesis Film


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Subject: UoA Short Film "Confessions" - BFA Senior Thesis Film




I'm looking for my two main characters and one additional character for my senior thesis film. If you fit the general description or know someone who might be able to fit the description of the following characters, I would love to hear from you.


Principle photography: November 19th and 20th.


My story is about an African man who came to America to fulfill a vendetta against a priest whom be blames for the death of his family.



  • Joseph - A 30-40 year old, African man whose family was lost in Africa. He speaks with a Nigerian accent, and is very strong-willed individual. He wants to make the priest remember and fear the mistake he made in "killing" Joseph's family and trying to capture Joseph. Joseph's blood/body is believed to hold the answer to the cure for a deadly epidemic that is spreading rapidly across the globe.
  • Father Dmitri - The priest, 55-65, caucasian, gray hair or dirty gray hair. A man of the church, but also a man who has made many misguided mistakes in the course of his life, the biggest one being an attempt to capture Joseph for his blood. He has close family that recently contracted the virus.
  • Priest - 30-40, caucasian, a young priest with jet black hair and an eager disposition. He has a small role and a few lines, but must be able to convince the audience by his immediate look that he is an aspiring young priest looking to move up in the church "political" ladder.

If you are interested or know someone who may be interested in playing one of these roles, please email me your head shot and resume at


This is a student film, so compensation will primarily be meals, film credits, and some potentially useful contacts. If you are a SAG applicant, I am willing to talk with my producer and see if we can arrange Ultra-Low Budget or Student Film paperwork.


This project will be screened at the FOX THEATER in downtown Tucson, May 2012, and possibly other national film festivals.


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