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Brand New Improv Comedy Classes


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The Tucson Improv Movement is a new improv comedy theater in Tucson, AZ offering improv comedy classes for the first time.  The curriculum used by the Tucson Improv Movement was developed by Zach Ward the Managing Director at Improv Boston.  This Curriculum has been successfully taught to over 12,000 students across the country.

IMPROV 101 explores the basics of comedy improvisation: team-building, trust, speed, status, active listening, and agreement. Students learn to be fearless and have fun on stage using the TIM approach to improv comedy.

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Fee: $150.00

Location: Lotus Massage and Wellness Center 2850 East Grant Road

Class Schedule:

Date                                                    Time                           Location

Wed, Oct 17, 2012                            7:00 PM                     Lotus Center

Wed, Oct 24, 2012                            7:00 PM                     Lotus Center

Wed, Oct 31, 2012                            7:00 PM                     Lotus Center

Wed, Nov 7, 2012                             7:00 PM                     Lotus Center

Wed, Nov 14, 2012                           7:00 PM                     Lotus Center

Wed, Nov 28, 2012                           7:00 PM                     Lotus Center


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