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Cast and Crew Call, Nine Buddhas Pictures competing in the October 6-7 IFP 24 Hour Film Challenge.


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Subject: Carolyn Is In Trouble


Carolyn (who works at a jewelry store) and her boyfriend, Simon, decide to go on vacation with Michelle (Carolyn's boss at the jewelry store) and Michelle's husband, John. It is never a good idea to go on vacation with your boss.

And, as it turns out, on the first night, John makes a crude pass at Carolyn (men are such pigs). Carolyn says no, not so much because it would be wrong to cheat on her boyfriend, but because she thinks John's a jerk. (It is much easier to be good when the guy is who is hitting on you is a jerk.)

But when Michelle goes back to the hotel room she is sharing with Simon, she sees Michelle sneaking out and assumes that Michelle and Simon have -- well -- been bad. Blinded by jealousy, Carolyn does an about face and offers herself up to John (who is a jerk, and now is confused, but also is happy to oblige). (Men are so predictable.)

After Carolyn has had sexual congress with John (who she doesn't even like), she again goes back to her hotel room - this time to confront Simon who has well -- apparently -- been bad. But before she can confront him, Simon proposes (marriage that is) and Carolyn figures out that Michelle (the jewelry store manager) was in their room to sneak an engagement ring to Simon, not to help Simon practice honeymoon gymnastics. Whoops.

Carolyn doesn't know what to do. But John is not so indecisive. The next time John gets a chance, he proposes more of what he seems to think is a good thing and a sure thing. He becomes even more confused when Carolyn responds to his proposal with outrage. When Carolyn attempts to seek refuge with her friend Michelle, Michelle tells Carolyn that she thinks John is cheating on her -- she just doesn't know with whom.

Can you write an ending that resolves Carolyn's predicament? Or maybe you think you can develop an entirely new story that is much better than this one? If you can do it within the next week or so -- either would be great.

Nine Buddhas Pictures is competing in the October 6-7 IFP 24 Hour Film Challenge.

We begin filming here in Tucson at noon on Saturday October 6 and turn in our finished film at noon on Sunday October 7.

We have an established group and professional, broadcast quality equipment, but if you are interesting in joining our group for this challenge we are looking for some additional actors and a couple of new production team members.

If you are interested, let us know what role or roles you are interested in (e.g., actor or camera operator or editor or graphic artist or hair and make up or . . .) and let us know if you have any conflicts on Sunday October 6 and or Sunday October 7. Attach resumes and head shots as applicable if you have them.

There's no monetary compensation, but you will get a digital copy of the film and you will be well fed throughout the week end.

Let me know if you want in!


Nine Buddhas Pictures


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