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Information resource, Gay Theatre on Yahoo Groups forum


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PLEASE consider sharing this resource with your membership. I would very much like to get their press releases for any gay productions they may have coming in the future.  Please visit the site.
Gay Theatre on Yahoo Groups is a forum for those who present, create, or just enjoy gay-themed theatre in the world. It is a great resource for gay theatre information, a place to promote your work, writing, productions, to just talk about things you've seen, or to find out what might be happening in your neck of the woods, or a far away place that you may be traveling. We're scouting for information and new members. Spread the word to your theatre friends. There is a calendar, and an e-list. And the best thing is, unlike FB, information doesn't whiz by so fast you'll miss it if you have hundreds of 'friends' who post about what they ate for lunch, or share more apps than actually talk.
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