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OPEN CASTING CALL - 10 University of Arizona Senior BFA Films


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Subject: OPEN CASTING CALL – University of Arizona Senior BFA Films


OPEN CASTING CALL – University of Arizona Senior BFA Films

10AM-5PM Next Saturday, September 15th in the Harvill bldg. room 104, TEN of the BFA seniors will be casting for their films. You will only have to audition once with a prepared monologue on camera (we will have monologues if you do not have one prepared) and from there all ten directors will be able to perform call backs at a later date based on review of the audition tapes. These roles are no paid, however food will be provided on all sets. (If you cannot make this audition but are still interested in auditioning, please send your head shot and resume to with the subject "Open Casting Call")

Here are the films:

1. “Free Popcorn” Ben White jeopardizes his relationship with his best friend and co-worker, Leela by keeping a secret from her that leads to the death of a once lively video store. –James Bonanno

2. “Our Last Hour” In order to quarantine themselves from a deadly plague, Edgar and Nora attend a lavish party with the world’s remaining survivors. Edgar soon discovers that Death has entered the party while Nora struggles to hide that she is infected. –Victoria Tulk

3. “BROBOT” A clueless young man strives to win a cute girls heart by taking the advice of his beer-guzzling, skirt-chasing robot brother. –Gabriel Acosta

4. “GREI” An act of love ignites the fires of revolution when a fugitive uses her powers to rescue her brother from a government that exploits physics known as GREI’s. –Brad Wong

5. “I Was Nineteen Years Old” A woman reflects on her youth and the struggles of growing up through a poem. What she discovers is that in order to be stable, we must oftentimes embrace change. –Julia Van Valkenburg

6. “Allergic to Love” A young boy who suffers from terrible allergies gets rejected by his love interest and convinces himself he is also allergic to love. Heartbroken, he attempts to build a “Love Repellent” helmet that prevents one from experiencing the heartbreak of love. –Shon Gale

7. “Dad’s Space Mission” Heathcliff, a bankrupt web designer, campaigns to send his father’s cremated remains into deep space. Although his childish understanding of finances continually forces him into dead-ends, he maintains an undying obsession that puts his relationship with his own son, Jedediah, in jeopardy. –Julie Etheridge

8. “Sheltered Love” In a quiet suburb in the 1950’s, an overprotective father goes nuclear when he finds out his teenaged daughter is using the family fallout shelter as a make-out spot. –Alex Italics

9. “Help Wanted” A lonesome convenience store clerk recognizes a late-night customer as an old friend from high school, unaware that this “friend” intends to rob the store at gunpoint.-Ethan Moore

10. “Vibe Music Video” A man relives his former relationship through his old home videos.


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