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Casting Call, Three Asian Actors, short comedy for the Almost Famous One Script Challenge


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Nine Buddhas Pictures is shooting a short comedy as part of the Almost Famous One Script Challenge.  On Friday we received a theme, prop, and opening and ending lines of dialogue.  The theme is split decision, the prop is a key, and the dialogue in short is:  "Are you ready to do this?"  and "I can't believe this worked." 


The story we developed is:  three female robbers are sitting at a diner drinking coffee [see, Reservoir Dogs].  They are debating whether to rob some strippers as they come out of a dance club, (because strippers always carry cash)  or rob a Chinese restaurant.


 As they debate which target they should rob they discuss the peculiarities of Chinese cuisine --- like why is it that the Chinese do not use cheese in any of their food?  For the hamburger there is the cheeseburger, but there is no such thing as egg foo young with cheese or sweet and sour pork with cheese.


In any event, the three women robbers make a split decision.  One wants to rob the strippers.  The remaining two want to rob the Chinese restaurant.


In the second scene we see one robber attempt to hold up a group of strippers -- who commence to kick the single robber's butt.  They pepper spray her, the bouncer taser's her, and two cops cuff her and carry her away.


In the third scene, the two other robbers are shown in a park after the robbery of the Chinese restaurant [the robbery is never shown [see Reservoir Dogs].  One robber opens her hand and reveals a fortune cookie the message inside of which says:  The key to success is a big bag of money.  The message in the cookie being the key required as a prop.


We are looking for three asian actors (either male or female, 18 to 80) to play the owners of the Chinese restaurant who are part of flashback scenes shown when the robbers are discussing the peculiarities of Chinese cuisine.  Reply to if interested.  No experience necessary.  You will get lines if you want them, but do not have to do lines if you don't want to.


We will shoot on Saturday (today) at 6 PM at Gangplank (17 East Pennington in downtown Tucson).  The final product will be turned into Almost Famous on Monday at 7 PM with the 20 top films to be shown at the AMC Arizona Center latter in October on one of the largest screens in Arizona.


This is a great opportunity to be in a movie with a quick turn around.  You shoot on Saturday and its done on Monday.


No monetary compensation, but every actor gets a digital copy of the film and screen credit.


Let me know if you want to be a part of it.


Chris Raboin

Nine Buddhas Pictures



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