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The Pandora Festival 'Lifts The Lid' On Women Playwright's New Works!


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Subject: The Pandora Festival 'Lifts The Lid' On Women Playwright's New Works!


7th Annual Pandora Festival


* * * * * * * *   NOVEMBER    *    15,16,17    *    2013    * * * * * * * *



You find yourself with a growing fear of commitment--AND then you discover you have long-lost siblings AND as luck would have it, you meet up with an old rival AND there is a case of mistaken identity at a wedding AND you are faced with intrigue of a possible murder...

Where are you?



No, not on your couch eating ice cream out of the carton in a ratty robe watching your "stories" (you DO have a life after all and are not pathetic!)


You are at the Arizona Women's Theatre Company's Pandora Festival of New Works--a three day event at the Black Box on Brown Theatre at 318 E. Brown Road, Mesa, AZ .


On November 15, 16, 17  the Pandora Festival will showcase new works that have been previously adjudicated with the 16 most popular works presented over two evenings and two matinees.


"Every year we put out a call for our Arizona sister's works--our Arizona women writers, our mothers and daughters, our aunts and grandmothers, our 'sisters'. Their works are juried by other Arizona women who write, read, teach, direct and produce in real life. And what magically appears is the annual festival.  They take a chance on us and we take a chance---that You will love their works!"

More information and tickets can be obtained by visiting the website:



AZWTC is the only theatre in Arizona to focus on women playwrights and directors. AZWTC runs completely in volunteer energy--join our community of women involved in exciting contemporary, independent theater.  We're interested in your ideas! To learn more about AZWTC or to volunteer, visit our website;



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