Thursday, October 24, 2013

FREE HEADSHOTS: IFASA's November 19th meeting re cameras and lights


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Actors get paid to do the strangest things.


IFASA's November 19th meeting is dedicated to cameras and lights and the skilled men and women who operate them. There will be a panel discussion by DP's, Camera Operators, and Gaffers (the Lights and Electrical Guys).


We will demonstrate cameras, lights, dollies, jibs, and lighting for green screen.


But camera guys get disoriented if they don't have anyone to shoot.  So we will be doing free head shots for actors (bring a flash drive) and we will give away $100 to the couple of actors who can pull off the best on camera kiss.  Bring a partner or we'll pair up singles who show up looking for direction.  We'll set lights and roll camera on each couple and pick a winner at the end of the night.    


Pair up in any partnership configuration you dig (as long as all lips involved  have at least 18 years of experience) -- wear wardrobe of your choosing -- make up is what you want it to be -- then all you need to do is impress the camera.  


Anyone who can kiss like you do should be able to pick up an easy $100.


As always we will have a case of warm beer and free movie tickets for those who know movie trivia.


We will also be giving out the Independent Film Association's 2013 Best Director of Photography Award.  Get your nominations into -- Now.


And if that is not enough -- we will be giving away ten free copies of the 2013 IFASA Directory to the luckiest of the lucky. Raise your hand now if you want one.


Tuesday, November 19 at 7 PM, Gangplank, 17 East Pennington, Downtown Tucson.


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