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AN ILIAD touring production comes to Tucson February 7


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Paul Surhoff & Diane Plante        



       AN ILIAD

2012 Obie Award winning play


By Lisa Peterson & Denis O'Hare


Based on Homer's The Iliad, translated by Robert Fagles


Performed by

Algernon D'Ammassa


Randy Granger




One Actor.  One Musician.

An epic tale of gods, heroes, fools, and human rage


"..a tour-de-force performance rarely seen in these parts!" 

-- THE TRUANT (Las Cruces)




Abounding Grace Church

2450 South Kolb Road, Tucson 


Saturday, February 7     6:30 PM

Admission is by donation

(908) 917-2307 reservations & info



Here is a link to a short video teaser for our show:

and a review from one of our New Mexico performances:





Algernon D'Ammassa, Producer

(575) 545-7613,

Paul Surhoff, Executive Producer

(908) 917-2307,










FEBRUARY 7, 2015


Veteran stage actor Algernon D'Ammassa collaborates with musician Randy Granger



December 12, 2014 –  The timeless battle between Achilles and Hector, with mischievous gods looking on from above, is brought to life through fearless acting and musical improvisation. Based on Robert Fagles's translation of Homer's epic, this modern play retells the ancient tale of gods, goddesses, warriors and their families, and the endless battles of human history with a gripping, modern voice.  Algernon D'Ammassa recounts the epic story of the Trojan War and all its major characters, including the gods, with a few simple props; and Randy Granger creates a musical landscape unique to each performance and each audience, improvising freely with a wide variety of instruments and found objects.


Writing for The Truant in Las Cruces, critic David Salcido called the show "a tour-de-force performance the likes of which are rarely seen in these parts."


An Iliad will be presented at the Abounding Grace church on Saturday, February 7, at 2450 South Kolb Road. The performance will begin at 6:30 PM. Admission is available for donations. (The suggested donation is $15.) For reservations and additional information, contact Paul Surhoff at (908) 917-2307 or email


An Iliad opens on an empty stage with the entrance of a strange, apparently homeless man with a beat-up suitcase.  He begins to sing in ancient Greek, a song seemingly as old as humanity, and a song he has been singing for a very long time.  He has difficulty remembering all of the words now, but the stories possess him and we see it is his destiny to tell this tale – and ours, to live it, generation after generation.


This touring production of An Iliad brings together New Mexico performers in a collaboration of storytelling and music.  The presence of live music harkens to an ancient tradition wherein traveling poets would accompany themselves on a lyre. 


Algernon D'Ammassa is a theatrical actor who has also appeared on film and television.  He has traveled all over the United States and to Europe as a performer and teacher.  In 2006, he founded Theatre Dojo in Los Angeles, California as a multi-disciplinary community combining yoga, meditation, and martial arts with dramatic performance.  He is based in Deming, teaches at the Creative Media Institute at New Mexico State University, and is a board member of the New Mexico Humanities Council.


Randy Granger, based in Las Cruces, is a nationally touring musician of Mayan and Apache heritage. He is a master of Native American flute, jazz, mariachi, and other musical styles. In An Iliad, he plays numerous flutes, stringed instruments, and percussion.

This production premiered in Las Cruces, New Mexico in 2014. It has since performed in several cities in New Mexico as well as Texas and North Carolina. Other bookings of this show are to be announced. Meanwhile, D'Ammassa and Granger are developing two original works of music and theatre.

For more information on the tour, a Facebook page has been established at . 






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