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Casting Actors for Short Films for LOFT Cinema 1st Fridays Competitions

On the first Friday of every month at 9:00 pm, Red Meat's Max Cannon hosts the biggest, baddest short film contest in town – just bring us your short films and we'll play them on the largest movie screen in Southern Arizona! 

In case you've never been to a First Friday Shorts show, here are the rules: 
We'll play anything you've made that's under 15 minutes long and is brought to us on a DVD, thumb drive or BLU-ray (one film per person, and DVDs must be playable on a regular DVD player and films on drives need to be in by 8:00pm). Submissions are only taken on the day of the event, and all entries MUST BE RECEIVED PRIOR TO THE START OF THE ACTUAL SHOW (we cannot accept films after the show has begun, or during intermission). All films are played in the order they're received. Every film is guaranteed to play for 3 minutes, but after that the audience can call for the dreaded "gong" if they're displeased. If the gong is struck, our intrepid host stops the film and the next movie begins. But don't despair … if your film is gonged, you can re-work it and bring it back to see if the changes you've made have pleased the audience. This is a great way for filmmakers to try out new ideas and see how an actual audience responds, so take advantage. You cannot submit the same film more than once unless it has been re-worked. Remember, the audience decides the winner each and every month, so keep them happy! 

PLEASE NOTE: We only take the first 15 films that are brought in each month and the spots have been filling up really fast. We start taking submissions as soon as we open the day of the show so get your films in early! 

 We are looking for Actors to play various characters for the monthly LOFT Cinema Short Film competition here in Tucson that plays every 1st Friday of the month 9pm at the LOFT Cinema. Compensation: $10 per hour. 

Actors will get paid a small fee for your service in the shoot, actual pay will depend on time on set ($10/hr) and typically shoot day will be 10hr/day but actual time on set is not guaranteed. Please send me head shots and resume of yourself if interested in joining our team effort. If you need head shots, I can shoot them for you too since I am brushing up my head shot skills on the side for FREE for a limited time this month. 

Tom Luong produced/directed a feature film called "The Grounded" now with ITN Distributions in Beverly Hills, CA and in final stages of audio remixing. Please look up Luong Films and The Grounded Movie on Facebook and Youtube if you like to see our previous works or click 

 To Submit, please contact Tom Luong by phone at: (951) 660-6010 or email a headshot, resume and your contact info to Tom at 

The Loft Cinema 
3233 East Speedway Blvd. 
Tucson, AZ 85716 
(520) 795-0844 (Box Office) 

More info: 

Shoot locations: Southern Arizona [depends on films] 
Shoot schedules: ongoing - 2015/2016 

Pay: Non-union, $10 per hour, plus credits, copies and meals.
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