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IFA Offers Free Reels for Actors


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There are a lot of great actors who perform miserably when asked to do a cold read (a standard request at many auditions).  An actor's reel is certainly the best way to control how you are showing off what you can really do.  Your reel allows to show off not what some casting director (known to be finicky and capricious beasts) asks for, but what you know to be your best work.


Despite the clear advantages of marketing with a reel that allows directors to see you perform (not just read about it on your resume) -- many actors still don't have a reel -- or the reel they have is outdated.


Independent Film Arizona can help.  In 2015, IFA is editing reels for free.  Happy new years -- boys and girls.  Exclamation point.


IFA has lined up three excellent editors (Nick Murray of Peach Tree Advertising, Grant Hunker of Grant Hunker Wedding Cinematography, and James "Tank" Christensen of The Click Magnet) each who has agreed to edit a series of actors' reels throughout the year at no cost to the actors as part of their sponsorship of IFA.


We are giving away the first three reels at IFA's Tuesday, January 6th Women in Film Meeting (7 PM, Connect Workspace, 33 South 5th Avenue between Congress and Broadway), Downtown Tucson.  IFA meetings are always free and open to all.


To win the edit of your reel you must be an IFA member (you can join for a $25 tax deductible contribution on IFA's website and you must be present at the meeting at which we are giving away the edits.  The reel is limited to three minutes (no one wants to listen to more than that) and five separate clips. The actor is responsible for getting the editor all of the clips in an accessible format within 30 days of winning the edit.  After it is done, we'll show your reel at the start of our next IFA meeting.


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