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Ballet Rincon presents Cinderella


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You are invited to Ballet Rincon's beautiful production of Cinderella!


As the story begins, Cinderella is found dreaming of happier times when her mother was still alive. She has been made a slave by her stepmother and demanding stepsisters in her own home. A beggar woman appears at the window, begging for food. Cinderella's stepmother forbids her to give out food, so Cinderella offers her own food to the woman, leaving nothing to eat for herself.


An invitation arrives from the palace, inviting the women of the kingdom to the Prince's Royal Ball at which he will chose a bride. Cinderella's stepmother forbids Cinderella to go, leaving her behind that night.

The beggar woman reappears, transforming herself into Cinderella's fairy godmother. With the help of the magical fairies, she  creates a beautiful princess dress, transforms a pumpkin into a carriage, and the mice into horses. She gives her a pair of glass slippers, sending her to the ball, ordering her to return home before the clock strikes midnight, when the spell will end.

When the Prince lays eyes on Cinderella, he is enchanted. The stepsisters try to win his attention, but he is interested only in Cinderella, who loses track of time. As the clock chimes midnight, she flees, leaving a glass slipper behind.

The next day, the Prince sets out to find the girl whose foot will fit the slipper. He proclaims that he will marry the girl to whom the slipper belongs. The stepsisters try desperately to fit their feet into the shoe, but their feet are too big. The stepmother attempts hides Cinderella, but her deception is soon discovered. The Prince is thrilled to find Cinderella, and a grand wedding takes place at the palace. The Prince and Cinderella live happily ever after.

Join the cast of Ballet Rincon, guest artists Christopher Everly, Donovan Kennedy, Mark Nichols and Joseph Townsend for this beautiful production of Cinderella on June 3rd and 4th at 7pm at the Vail Theatre of the Arts (10701 Mary Ann Cleveland Way).

Also featured on Saturday, June 4th, at 2pm is the Spring Showcase featuring tap, jazz, contemporary jazz, and contemporary ballet dances.

Reserved Ticket Pricing: Orchestra $16.00 per adult, $14.00 for seniors and children.
Mezzanine $12.00 per adult, $10.00 for seniors and children.

Online ticket sales are at

Tickets will also be sold at the theater box office starting one hour prior to each performance

For more information call Ballet Rincon at 574-2804
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