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The Comedy Playhouse presents The Seduction of Grandma


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The Comedy Playhouse


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The Seduction of Grandma

The Daggott family returns for more swampland shenanigans in The Seduction of Grandma, a follow-up story to Let's Kill Grandpa.  

Grandma is making sweet potato pecan pie, a Southern comfort food and a favorite of the Daggott clan.  But when Grandma makes gumbo AND sweet potato pecan pie in the same day, that can only mean that Grandma is plotting something.  It's up to Elle, Jackson, and Wanda Jo to figure out what that something is.  Could it have anything to do with the frequent visits from Anderson Weatherby III, the travelling substitute funeral director of Heavenly Transitions Funeral Home?  What are Grandma's dealings with Zydeco musician Sharky Post?  Just exactly how many people have read Grandma's revealing Facebook posts?  It's up to the grandkids and their friends to find out what Grandma is up to before the household is shaken to the roots.   

The Seduction of Grandma opens on June 3, 2016 and runs through July 10, 2016, Friday and Saturday at 7:30 and Sunday at 3:00. 




Don't forget to make your reservations for A Pair of Comedy Shorts, playing now at The Comedy Playhouse!!  The performance features two one-act plays; Box and Cox, by James Maddison Morton, and Passion, Poison, and Petrification: The Fatal Gasogene, by George Bernard Shaw.  The show is directed by Bruce Bieszki.  You can call Nell at 520-270-9310 to make your reservations.  The show will run every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through May 22, 2016. 


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