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Widescreen Wednesdays
Made in Tucson: Films from the Old Pueblo Series

No Charge


April 27, 2016




Ever since the days of silent movies, Tucson has been a key location for Hollywood filmmakers. The western was the most popular genre, naturally, with Old Tucson serving as the shooting site for dozens of classic films, starring legends including John Wayne, Paul Newman and Kirk Douglas. But non-westerns were also filmed in Tucson, with filmmakers taking advantage of the beautiful desert environment and the unique architecture of the city itself. 

Over the course of the year, we have moved from classic westerns of the '50s to more contemporary hits, and now we close out this school year with a fun film that wasn't really filmed in Tucson, but it was filmed in our state: RAISING ARIZONA.   The Widescreen Wednesdays program features not only the screening of a complete feature film, but a lively and informative introduction to each film by a UA professor. Plus, a student from the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film & Television will present one of his or her short films!












OK, we cheated. This movie wasn't shot in Tucson, but how can we resist showing the Coen Brothers' screwball comedy classic, set in Arizona? Nicolas Cage and Holly Hunter star as a criminal couple who always wanted a child of their own. When they learn about the newborn "Arizona quints," they figure that five babies are too many for anyone, and begin to concoct a zany kidnapping scheme. The American Film Institute declared Raising Arizona to be #31 on the list of the greatest American comedies of all time!         



Preceded by the short film,
On Vacation, Waiting to Die
by senior UA Film & Television
students, Greg Castro & Matthew Ramirez

There is no charge for
Widescreen Wednesdays
Open to the Public
No tickets required
No reservations required


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