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Fly Into Fall with ZUZI! Classes, theater renovations, and No Frills - A Dance Happenin'...


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You don't want to miss this.



Fly Into Fall! Classes begin September 11th



Aerial Classes will be held at Rhythm Industry Performance Factory


All other classes will be held at the Historic Y in either the Upstairs Lobby or the Conference Room


Please use the entrance on 5th Avenue or through the courtyard for all classes at the Historic Y until renovations are complete. Visit our website for more information.


Second Session classes begin October 30th in the newly remodeled theater! Class schedule and registration will be available on our website in the next couple of weeks.





ZUZI! Theater Renovation


We're really excited about the amazing things happening at ZUZI! Theater!


The Scoundrel & Scamp Theatre, in partnership with ZUZI! Dance and the Historic Y, is investing over half a million dollars to renovate The ZUZI! Theater space, a performance venue that has served the community as a home for movement, dance and theatre for nearly two decades.


When the renovation project is complete, theater and dance will have a beautiful, modernized home in which artist and student alike can build, explore and thrive.


While art can happen anywhere, Tucson has a shortage of fully equipped, modernized theatre spaces that can support the varied needs of dance, acrobatic arts, and theatre. S&S aims to build not one, but two flexible spaces that can serve as a home to some of the most exciting performance in Tucson.


The renovation project includes:

·     New audience-friendly theater entrance, complete with lobby, box office, concessions and waiting area

·     Three fully renovated bathrooms

·      New MainStage space with completely new lighting and audio

·     Renovated black-box studio performance space, including new exterior entrance

·     Comfortable and roomy new theater seating

·     Two dressing rooms

·     Expanded loading dock

·     Scenic shop

·     Upgraded safety features


This project is a love note from Bryan and Elizabeth Falcón of The Soundrel &Scamp Theater to the greater Tucson community. Scoundrel & Scamp, a 501(c)3 non-profit, have embarked on this project in order to create an amazing space for people to come together around the arts with a desire to have a positive impact on the quality of life for the neighborhood and the city as a whole for years to come. All of us here at ZUZI! are excited and honored to be a part of both their process and the final theater space.


S&S has raised nearly 80% of the funds independently, but in order to fully realize this project, they need to raise the last 20%. We are all looking for support from amazing community members like all of you, who believe in the transformative power of the performing arts, to contribute toward making this vision become reality.


We have 6 days left of our KickStarter campaign to help invest in this beautiful, modernized home for theater & dance at The Historic Y where students & artists can create, explore and thrive. If you can donate or share, please click here.


We'll be back in the new theater for our second session classes beginning October 30th!



No Frills - A Dance Happenin'

Our bi-annual Fall No Frill's is coming up November 3rd & 4th. We'll be sending out submission information very soon. If you're interested in performing or would like more information, please give us a call at (520) 629-0237.



ZUZI! Dance  |  738 N 5th Ave in the Historic Y

(520) 629-0237 | |



Tucson Theatre Announcement List for subscription information



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