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UA’s Arizona Repertory Theatre: Tigers Be Still is Heartbreaking AND Hilarious!


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How can a playwright move you through so many different emotions in one 90-minute play? Come find out in Kim Rosenstock's TIGERS BE STILL, produced by UA's Arizona Repertory Theatre, Sep-17 - Oct 8, 2017. Press release in body of email & attached as PDF with artwork. 


F O R    I M M E D I A T E     R E L E A S E

CONTACT: Lisa Pierce, Dir. of Marketing & Development * 520.626.2686 * lisapierce@email.arizona.edu

University of Arizona School of Theatre, Film & Television


Approx Run Time: 90 minutes * No Intermission * Brent Gibbs, Director * (520) 621.9402 * brentg@email.arizona.edu

Visit theatre.arizona.edu > Press Room > Media Photos for Tigers Be Still on Friday, Sep 8, 2017

September 5, 2017


Tigers Be Still Introduces Contemporary Playwright's Voice to UA Theatre Majors & Audience Members with Promise of

Heartbreak & Side-Splitting Laughter

directed by Brent Gibbs

                TUCSON, AZ – "Tigers Be Still resides in that wonderful sweet spot between the heartbreakingly beautiful and the side-splittingly hilarious," said UA Arizona Repertory Theatre's Artistic Director and Theatre Professor, Brent Gibbs, who is also the director of Tigers Be Still. "It has the ability to make audiences laugh and cry at the same time, which is no small feat."

                Author Kim Rosenstock is a contemporary playwright, who also wrote the musical Fly By Night and is a writer on the hit FOX show, New Girl. Many critics say her work captures the poetry of pain and is refreshingly honest. As a result, her characters are terrifically relatable and her stories, enjoyable.

                "Plays that are written today are a reflection of our society and hold a key to understanding our society's time and social milieu for future generations," said Lisa Pierce, director of marketing and development for the UA School of Theatre, Film & Television. She added that experiencing new work by award-winning playwrights should be as important to us as experiencing the classic plays of history.

                Once Gibbs started directing Tigers Be Still, his feelings about the play began to morph into something even deeper than before. "I started out referring to this show as a very funny play about depression," Gibbs said, "but I have come to realize that it is that, but it is also a love letter to family and to hope."

               The New York Times called Tigers Be Still "piercing, ferocious and devastatingly hilarious."

                See Tomorrow's Stars Today at Arizona Repertory Theatre in Kim Rosenstock's Tigers Be Still.


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