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Tucson: CALL TO ARTISTS! - Creative City special event at the Rialto

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Hello there. I would much appreciate you posting this call-out on the Tucson Stage calendar. Let me know! Thank you so much! -Joan of Art


Creative City is organizing a big art party to feature Tucson artists at the Rialto on Friday Aug. 21st, which begins with a pre-show event at Winsett Park on 4th Avenue and a procession between the two venues. Creative City's mission is to celebrate and advocate creativity- with a focus on sustainability and renewability- and to put Tucson on the map as a creative and vibrant city. We have a coaliton of amazing talent working on this party, including the Parasol Project. There will be bands, garage art sale, interactive theatre, mimes, and more- driven by the participants of the event. "Be or bring art," is the motto of the event. Wear costumes and join in on the fun!

This event is also a great way for artists to advertise their services
and upcoming events. There will be tables for artist info and wares
to sell. The attendees will be a diverse crowd.

Are you a visual artist, stilt-walker/dancer, puppeteer, poi (without fire) spinner,
or other type of entertainer who'd be interested in strutting your
stuff and collaborating with a community of creatives? Being a fabulous
presence or performing a 5 minute act are more than welcome.

If you are interested, then:

1) Contact us ASAP with what you'd like to do- call or email Tony,

2) Come to the next Creative City meeting:
Monday, Aug 10, 6-8pm
Parasol Project
266. S. Park Avenue

3) Check out

Let's show Tucson what creativity can do for a city!

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