Friday, August 28, 2009

Tucson: Casting Call for Local Indy Feature

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I dissed the CraigsList posting of this casting call because it did not contain any contact info.  Well, here it is with a contact,, if you have any questions before deciding to attend. 


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Sent: Friday, August 28, 2009 3:19 PM
Subject: Casting Call for Local Indy Feature


Casting Call for Independent Feature film

August 30th, approx. 3pm-5pm, Ft. Lowell Park (at the duck pond)

a murder mystery/comedy shooting for 15 days, in Tucson

character breakdowns:

KAREN (female 20-30) attractive, artistic free spirit
DANNY (male 25-40) geologist
OFFICER JACK (male 30-45) local sheriff
OLD JACK (male 50-70) retired sheriff
VICKI (female 30-50) local gossip group
ASHLEY (female 30-50) "
DOROTHY (female 30-50) "
GABRIELLE (female 30-50) local artist
STEPHANIE (female 18-25) high school stoner
JENNY (female 18-25) high school stoner
KYLE (male 18-25) high school stoner
AARON (male 18-25) high school stoner

everyone interested is encouraged to show up, no experience necessary,
no head shot or resume necessary, just a cold read of a side provided
during casting

compenstion: deferred payment--SAG rates, film credit

please RSVP to or with question

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