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Tucson: Celebrate the 4th Avenue Underpass Opening At Beowulf Alley Theatre tonight


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Celebrate the 4th Avenue Underpass Opening and

Tucson's 234th Birthday Tonight!

At last! It's been a long, but very necessary project and we're ready to celebrate! Tonight, Thursday, August 20th join us to celebrate the Grand Opening of the 4th Avenue Underpass. Most of the Downtown Merchants & Retailers, as well as the 4th Avenue Merchants and Main Gate Merchants are participating in this terrific event with special discounts or free items. There are prizes to be had and lots of fun! Beowulf Alley’s doors will open at 5:30 for the evening. The trolley will be running tonight only FOR FREE. The cool thing is that now you can enjoy the trolley Main Gate, near the U of A, to the corner of 5th Avenue and Congress, just one block from Beowulf Alley Theatre. For more information about the events, go to

At Beowulf Alley Theatre tonight, enjoy an evening of FREE entertainment that includes:

Not Burnt Out Just Unscrewed, the Thinking Man's Comedy Troupe.


Based in Tucson, Arizona, NBOJU performs at several Tucson clubs and other venues around town. They also add a special touch to holiday parties, corporate entertainment, corporate training, conferences, or other engagements. So drop by tonight for one of their 15-minute comedy sets. Then join them tomorrow night and Saturday evening at 9:00 p.m. for a full evening of entertainment at Beowulf Alley Theatre’s LNT@the Alley late night series. It's much funnier in person! And tickets are just $8.00 cash at the door. (Please, no bills larger than a $20).

Alex Samaniego’s short monologues

Al Capón by Danny Hoch, from SOME PEOPLE

Peter by Danny Hoch, from JAILS, HOSPITALS & HIP-HOP


Félix by John Leguizamo, from SPIC-O-RAMA


Why the one-actor scene? Because it’s raw. Because it’s a naked time between actor and audience. John Leguizamo states that the format is “the oldest form of storytelling. The most organic. It’s the first man – Cretaceous or Jurassic – sitting around the fire chewing on a brontosaurus leg and retelling the day’s events and acting them out.” The John Leguizamo scene here presented is from his one-man show SPIC-O-RAMA: A story of a 6-member and as he puts it, dysfunctional family. Here we present the father Félix in whose scene he gives a “toast,” or is it a roast of his own son Krazy Willie at his wedding. 


   Danny Hoch states “This is my world! These are my inner monologues, layered composites of stories and voices from me, my family, my neighborhood, my people… people simply are not accustomed to seeing traditionally peripheral characters placed center stage.Well, these characters are center stage in my world. If I live in Brooklyn, and all I get to see is Arcadia, Home Improvement, The English Patient, and Martin, then what’s the point?”


The Wolfgang


Meet the Gang-------- The Wolfgang is a powerful power trio consisting of three (count em, three!) monstrous maestros, Willee, Wilson, and Baron Von Wilhelm. These debonair gents live and breathe in the wonderful desert city Tucson, Arizona. Willee plays a Takamine G series acoustic-electric guitar, combining with Wilson's electrifying Schecter Elite 4-string to jam out the harmony under Willee's fiery vocals. The fire is further manipulated by fresh beats (fresher than Will Smith with a flat-top) provided by Baron Von Wilhelm and his unholy amalgamation of Tama and Pearl kits. All musicians are self taught, and have been playing together for about two years.



Beowulf Alley is located at 11 South 6th Avenue, Downtown between Broadway and Congress. Please check our website at to see all of the many activities being planned for the coming season. Season subscriptions are currently on sale. Enjoy 5 plays for $70 or purchase a Flex Pass (good for 4 admissions) for just $64.


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