Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tucson: Casting Call, Puppeteers for Single Payer Health Care Theater

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Subject: Casting Call, Puppeteers for Single Payer Health Care Theater

Tucson Action Theater Collective is going to be presenting a
pro-Enhanced and Improved Medicare For All, anti-health insurance
corporation/human greed performance at various public venues throughout
Tucson in late August through ???...

We need performers and a couple of puppeteers (for the giant Grim
Reaper) for these shows.

Emily from Teatro Campesino gave you as a possible resource for our

Some of the tentative dates are Friday Aug. 28, Sunday Aug 30, Monday
Sept 7th, Thursday Sept 10th, etc. so time is short (sorry for the late

I can send you a copy of our script if you desire...

Any help, advice, aid and comfort you can give us would be greatly


Chet Gardiner
Tucson Action Theater Collective

PS: I know it's REAL short notice but we're meeting today at 623 S
Railroad Ave (Armory Park) at 1pm through about 3:30pm to finish our
puppet and rehearse the skit... I'll have my cell with me --
510-407-0776 (That's Oakland, CA area code - Five-Ten - Nickle and Dime)

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