Monday, August 24, 2009

Tucson: Cast and Crew call - short film (genre: Western / Horror)


We’re shooting a short film for 3 days in the Tucson, AZ area in the week of September 7th, and are looking for actors, actresses and extras. This is a low-/no-pay job (stipend, but not full rates).

Ghost Wolf (genre: Western / Horror) is set in 1870, and we are looking for the following characters:


CLAIRE YOUNG, early 20s – young and beautiful. New to the frontier, but not nearly as naive as she seems. Falls head over heels for Jackson, the unshaven Hunk.

JACKSON ‘Lucky’ BATES late 20s/early 30s, a charismatic, unshaven Hunk. Has a way with both the ladies and his shotgun when he’s not way too drunk.

Cory “Death” MEYER, 40s-50s – the perennially sad Stagecoach Driver.

CHARLES JENNINGS, MD late 20s / early 30s – bespectacled and clumsy, Claire’s uptight fiance.

MONSIGNEUR FLEURIE 30s-40s – a randy Priest with a more than shady past.

BERTIE ‘The Gambler’ CALHOUN 40s-50s – a haunted man with a dark secret.

MRS. GWENDOLYN WILSON 30s-40s, aka Gwendolyn Townsend, aka Wanda Wonder. Professional Widow, onto her third dead husband, unbeknownst to most she is a former Madam.

A WEALTHY RANCHER – who does a most unfortunate land deal.

OLD MAN 1, OLD MAN 2 – every town has them, I guess…

OLD MAN COOPER – who until very, very recently used to rund the Pine Flatts waystation.

The short film, produced by Triboro Pictures is a trial run for a full-length feature we are shooting next year, and we would love to meet qualified local cast members and extras (preference is given to cast and extras who can work as locals in the Tucson area).

Please send submissions and headshots to:

Triboro Pictures
291 Broadway, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10007


or to:

We are shooting a short film (genre: Western / Horror) set in 1870, in the Tucson area for 3-4 days in the week of September 7, and are looking for qualified crew members in all departments:

- camera: DP, AC, camera intern
- sound: Sound mixer (preferably w. own equipment), boom operator
- production designer, art dept. interns
- costume designer, wardrobe interns
- hair make-up
- 1st AD, 2nd AD, production assistants, production interns
- office coordinator
- craft service intern

The short film is a trial run for a full-length feature we are planning to shoot next year. We would love to meet qualified local crew members, with a view also to future collaboration.


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