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Tucson: FLAM CHEN joins BATUCAXE this Friday at RHYTHM INDUSTRY!


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Tucson, AZ. -- The world renowned, Tucson based pyrotechnic theatre company, FLAM CHEN will join Batucax√© this Friday night, August 7th, for their MONSOON MANIA DANCE PARTY EXTRAVAGANZA!

The evening's main course will begin at 7:30 with a community rhythm jam, followed by a DJ set with Batucax√© Founder and Artistic Director, Cliff Berrien. Next on the program is the popular favorite, Batucaxe's Community Group of 60 musicians and dancers. The last musical number will feature fire spinning by FLAM CHEN!

With a repertoire spanning over a dozen years and 1,500 professional performances worldwide, Flam Chen has innovated a new form of extreme theater, utilizing aspects of circus, martial arts, dance, ritual, aerial acrobatics, stilt-walking, physical theater, art installation and extreme engineering to create unique panoramas of spectacle and narrative unlike anything you have ever seen.

Following the Flam Chen performance will be another DJ set with Cliff Berrien, and then dessert - Batucaxe's universally acclaimed Performance Group featuring the very finest professional drummers and musicians, singers and dancers in the company.

There will be food and drink for sale, along with raffle tickets - a 50/50 raffle where the winner splits the pot with Batucaxe! The raffle winner will be announced at 11pm, as the evening comes to a close.

Don't miss this most fabulous party of the season!

Call (520) 284-0185 for more information, or email jmsbatucaxe@gmail.comRhythm Industry Performance Factory is located at 1013 S. Tyndall Ave, Tucson, AZ 85719. Visit their website for directions: http://rhythmindustry.org/map.html.


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