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Tucson: Vientofuego Weekend Intensive Acting Workshop

The Vientofuego Weekend Intensive Acting Workshop allows actors to reach their full potential

August 7, 9:41 AM · Eric Shlapack - Tucson Film Industry Examiner


Often times, a person tries to be practical and ignores their true desires.  Many people wish to be dancers, or musicians, or actors but have never indulged themselves because of a fear of the unknown.  You can cast those reservations aside as the Vientofuego Weekend Intensive Acting Workshop is the place to find a filmmaker in Ben Lopez who will patiently work with you to advance your craft or develop new skills through hands-on training.  Working with a cutting edge filmmaker like Ben can be just the spark an actor needs to reach their full potential.  Ben has produced, written, and directed multiple feature films, numerous short projects, music videos, documentaries, and television content.  Ben is willing and able to work with both Spanish and English speaking actors at his workshop.

During the workshop, the participants will study the various elements of the actor's craft.  They will expand their understanding of character development, subtext analysis, and motivation in order to create a realistic, multi-layered character that an audience can connect with.  The actor will also examine acting techniques from the methods of Stanislavsky, Michael Chekhov, and Sandy Meisner, depending on experience level of the actor.

The actor will also be instructed about the practical tools needed to succeed in their field.  They will learn about show business topics such as how to select an acting coach and agent, the casting process, union vs. non-union jobs, how to put together a demo reel and headshot, scam prevention, and contract information.  These tools are often overlooked in acting workshops, but Vientofuego believes in providing a knowledge base in all aspects of being an actor, not only how to improve their performance.

Finally, the actor will be provided the opportunity for on-camera training.  Ben will focus on techniques dealing with how an actor works with the camera and cinematographer, how to improvise on-camera with confidence, how to nail an audition, and what to do for cold readings.  Most importantly, the actor will gain valuable footage for their all important demo reel.

It is important to note that this workshop is being provided to develop and foster acting in Tucson and the Southern Arizona community and give the actors the skills and knowledge that they will need to prosper in the always ultra-competitive marketplace.  The Vientofuego Weekend Intensive Acting Workshop will be August 22nd and 23rd at the Viva Performing Arts Center.  Check out links below for further information.

Viva Performing Arts Center
4563 S Park Ave
, Tucson, AZ‎ - (520) 544-9543

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