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Tucson: Mark Travis ACTOR'S BOOTCAMP Sept 11-13

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For details on Actor’s Boot Camp,  go to www.TucsonActorWorkshop.com

Mark Travis has agreed to come to Tucson this September before his European tour to hold a workshop in Tucson especially for Actors called ACTOR'S BOOTCAMP (formerly Workshop from Hell). 



Topics covered include:

Script analysis (from a director’s point of view)
Character design and definition (from limited material)
Creating objectives and obstacles that enhance the scene
Staging and self-staging in order to stimulate your character and others
Communication skills with directors and actors that are non-threatening
Audition techniques that generate immediate results
The Actor/Character Split
The Actor/Character Meld
The collaborative process between directors, actors and the script


In The Actor’s Boot Camp, actors learn how to  make weak material work, how to direct themselves and even how to direct their scene partners in an appropriate and non-threatening manner. When actors learn to think like directors (solving problems rather than being crippled by them) then they can take more control of their craft.

For details on Actor’s Boot Camp,  go to www.TucsonActorWorkshop.com

For details on the Staging the Scene workshop for  Directors this weekend at the Marriott see http://reelinspiration.blogspot.com.


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