Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tucson: Arid Rose Theatre, Opening of 'ART' delayed til Oct 8

Opening of 'ART' delayed til Oct 8,everything else stays the same. It wasn't ready. We will never open a show until it meets our standards.


Arid Rose Theatre

1859 W Grant Road



Arid Rose Theater is proud to present it's debut production of ART to Tucson. We are located at 1859 West Grant Road, creating a unique environment for our guests.

Our Next production will be 'Celebration', a musical by Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt, the creators of 'The Fantasticks'

ART runs Oct 8 -Oct 25,2009

Thurs, Fri, Sat...8:00pm


Any Seat $21

Buy a 6 entry Pass $100

Price for any production will be $21 per ticket for the next 5 years.


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