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Tucson: Double Feature Sunday - Mercy and Red 71, Beowulf Alley Theatre


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Subject: [IFASA] Double Feature Sunday - Mercy and Red 71, Beowulf Alley Theatre

Remember the great deal at Beowulf Alley Theatre this Sunday.

Double Feature - Mercy and Red 71
Sunday, 27 Sep, 6:00 PM
Beowulf Alley Theatre, 11 South 6th Ave (between Broadway and Congress)

Beowulf's IndeFlicks @ The Alley presents a double feature of Mercy and Red 71, both by Patrick Roddy ( Tickets for this double feature are $10, which includes a bottle of water for the first 50 patrons and free popcorn for everyone. Tickets may be purchased online at or at the door.

Mercy: After serving twenty-five years for committing a mysterious and violent crime, John is released from prison. Unfortunately, the first human contact he has is with a maniacal parole officer. John's later experience with a condescending new landlord isn't so great either, and together these encounters effectively establish the bleak and miserable tone that seems to characterize his life on the outside. Nevertheless, John works to establish a routine as a way to counter his guilt and achieve a sense of normalcy. However, he soon loses his way when a would-be actress awakens certain deeply suppressed desires. These desires, in turn, trigger eerie hallucinations and disturbing nightmares that recall a criminal past best forgotten.

Best Feature Film, Peoria Film Festival
Top 10 Indie Films of 2006,
Best Actor – Gary Shannon, The Phantom's Annual "B"wards, Videoscope magazine
Visually stark and severe, a very good film – Roger Corman
"Mercy" is a bleak ride through existential torment that is irresistible – Rue Morgue magazine
Strikingly original, unforgettable experience...true movie magic, of the deepest and darkest variety [3 1/2 out of 4 stars] – Videoscope magazine

Red 71: Written by Nicholl Fellowship semifinalist Ken Henderson, Red 71 features eerie cinematography and direction by Roddy, in addition to an atmospheric score by Friends of Dean Martinez that forms an audio-visual landscape reminiscent of David Lynch. The film stars Michelle Belegrin (Desire, Blood & Bone) and features Angus Scrimm (Phantasm).

Red 71 is a knotty mystery, set in a peculiar desert town, whose characters form a web of relationships. Shane, a self-styled gumshoe, expresses himself sparingly and yearns for the beautiful and calculating Lorain. She induced him to invest in her husband Charley's illicit club, 71, and wants him to stop Del, her mercurial lover, from assaulting Charley. When successive victims are found brutally murdered, everyone is a possible killer. The story unravels to reveal the killer and answer the question: how far could one go to possess what he will never have?

A highly stylized noir puzzle...Flashy, defiantly low-budget indie – Variety
A creepy low-budget neo-noir that is surprisingly involving [3 stars] – This Week In New York
Enjoy the handful of character actors who spring delightfully into Roddy's competently aimed shots – The Village Voice
A whodunit with Lynchian aspirations – NY Sun
Striking cinematography –
A cross between Orson Welles Touch of Evil and the lost highways of David Lynch's bizarre landscapes – 10K
Red 71 is a damn fine production –
A nicely styled look... – Rogue Cinema
Roddy is fast proving himself a master of the new noir [4 stars] –
The production values are impeccable – Shock Cinema



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