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Tucson: Auditions - Redondo Music Theatre's MAN OF LaMANCHA


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Auditions announced for Redondo Music Theatre’s MAN OF LaMANCHA


Open “drop-in” auditions for RMT’s Dec.. production of MAN OF LaMANCHA are set for Tuesday, October 6, from 7-9:30 pm at the Clubhouse of Sunrise Ridge Apts., 4901 E. Sunrise Dr.  Plenty of parking is available.  Call-backs will be Oct. 8, 7 pm at the same location.  (If you cannot make the 10/6 audition, you may audition at the call-backs.) We will then advise the rehearsal location(s)  Call 520-615-1130 for information and/or directions to Sunrise..


The three scheduled performances are Dec. 4 & 5 at 7:30 pm and Dec. 6 at 2 pm, in the TCC Leo Rich Theater, 260 S. Court.  Some rehearsals begin Oct. 26, 27 & 29 (at another location) and will be vocal only. Major rehearsals begin Sunday, Nov. 1 and continue Sundays through Fridays until moving into the theater  Monday, Nov. 30... NO Saturdays. There will be Thanksgiving time off. Rehearsal times will NOT use all actors each night until moving into the theater.  THE REHEARSAL SCHEDULE IS  4 WEEkS AND VERY INTENSE!  We must be notified of any conflicts at the audition  to determine casting.  If you are in any other production which rehearsals/performances conflict with this one, please DO NOT audition!  We will not permit “double-dipping”.  (The only possible exception would be a high school student project—if


workable.)  Sunday rehearsals are 1-8:30 pm including an hour and a half dinner break.  Week

nights are 7-10 pm ACTORS ARE EXPECTED TO BE AT REHEARSAL 15 MINUTES  AHEAD SO WE MAY START ON TIME!! .(If we start on time—we can end on time.)


NEEDED ARE:     ALDONZA, Lead.  Strong “belting” soprano. She’s the prison hooker.  It’s a very demanding role. Age range to 40’s.  Must be able to speak/sing with a Spanish accent. She has been “used” a lot.  And it shows  even with her well-shaped figure.

                                THE DUKE/DR, CARRASCO, Principal.  Strong character. Overpowering. Tall. Strong Baritone voice.

                                SANCHO PANZA, Quixote’s Squire, Principal.  Ageless. Comedic. Rolly-polly.

                                THE PADRE. Support.  Clear tenor. Age/type—cherabic.

                                ANTONIA. Support.  Cervantes’ niece. Soprano.  Attractive.  To mid-twenties.

                               THE MULETEERS.  Strong raucous men.  Mean.  Ages to 40’s. One must work with a bull-whip.  Another play, an acoustic Guitar very well.. All sing. From these auditioners, THE CAPT. OF THE GUARD, GUARDS, ATTENDANTS TO THE KNIGHT OF THE MIRRORS, and MOORS (if I use that sequence) will be cast—some will double

                                THE BARBER. Comedic. Will double as one of the HORSES...

                                TWO YOUNG WOMEN.  One must “belly dance”. Both sing.

                                All actors are PRISONERS and, at other times play bit roles along with the above.                               ALL ETHNICITIES ENCOURAGED TO AUDITION.  (The time period of the show is 1600’s Moorish Spain.)  The musical is a play-within-a-play. It is performed without an intermission.

Bring sheet music in your key.  (NO ROCK) preferably not from the show, photo/resume—unless already in our files.  There is really no “dancing”, it’s mostly “staging”.

Looking forward to seeing you there and doing a great show!   Hal Hundley, Producer/Director



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