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Tucson: Join the Readers Theatre Volunteer Group at Beowulf Alley Theatre

Do You Like to Read or Write Plays?

Join the Readers Theatre Volunteer Group at Beowulf Alley Theatre

Let Your Words and Story Be Heard; Help with a Play Reading  


Beowulf  Alley’s Readers Theatre wants four to eight volunteers to help us read and select plays, assist with the reading rehearsals and public presentation nights, usually two volunteers per presentation. Playwrights (including volunteers) are invited to submit scripts to Beowulf Alley’s lively and entertaining Readers’ Theatre Program. Readers Theatre is about the words. The program is designed for the public to hear the words and respond with comments and questions to help the playwright refine the script. Script submissions are ongoing. Plays submitted should be finished pieces, thoroughly vetted and thoughtfully crafted. One act plays are acceptable but will be scheduled on a date when two one act plays can be paired within the same evening, possibly from different playwrights.  Readers Theatre is held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, as scripts are available. Each participant in Readers Theatre gets to see the Out to Lunch Theatre, Old Time Radio Plays, Late Night Theatre for free. Other performance tickets may be discounted.


Readers Theatre is simple –

  • Playwrights submit plays according to guidelines
  • The Readers Theatre committee reads and selects plays to present
  • Two committee members take responsibility for front of house duties at a scheduled reading and attend the rehearsals to open and close the facility
  • Playwrights are responsible for (with a little help from the committee)
    • Readers
    • Narrator to read the script directions
    • Someone to bring up and take down stage lights
  • There are no costumes or props
  • If sound is essential, a boom box for sound with someone to run the boom box
  • Only one or two rehearsals


Playwright’s Guidelines and Responsibilities –

  • One securely bound script mailed to the theatre or an e-mailed copy in pdf format or MSWord 2003 or 2007. The cover page must include playwright’s name, address, phone number and e-mail address submitted for reading and review by the Readers Theatre committee. PARTICIPANTS WHO PREFER TO HAVE THEIR SCRIPTS RETURNED VIA MAIL MUST INCLUDE A SELF-ADDRESSED, STAMPED ENVELOPE. SCRIPTS WILL BE HELP FOR PICKUP AT THE THEATRE OFFICE FOR ONE MONTH FOLLOWING THE CLOSE OF THE READING AFTER WHICH TIME THEY WILL BE DISCARDED.
  • Arrange for actors, narrator and an additional person if sound is needed and the playwright does not wish to do it (Beowulf will help by holding auditions onsite if necessary and provide the contact information of players who have volunteered to read RT plays.)
  • Scripts with more than 10 characters should be double cast
  • Provide a written synopsis, contact sheet (including names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of all participants), and 100-word bios for each participant (preferably all of these materials will be e-mailed to the Readers Theatre designee at least three weeks in advance of the reading (this is how long it takes to execute promotion
  • Arrange and manage no more than one or two rehearsals (generally at Beowulf in the week leading up to the reading, pending proper scheduling to arrange for space in theatre)
  • Supply the required number of scripts for the reading
  • Coordinate planning and presentation with and through Readers’ Theatre committee members
  • Clearly communicate requests and questions in advance of rehearsals


Beowulf will provide -

  • Lighting that is sufficient for readers to see the script clearly
  • An audition space and time (if required)
  • Rehearsal space and time (for up to three reading rehearsals pending available space and timely request for scheduling)
  • One public reading on the Baron Stage (generally the 2nd Tuesday of the month)
  • Public announcements and press releases containing information provided by director (we reserve the right to edit)
  • Front of House Manager (from Readers Theatre Committee) 
  • A committee member liaison to manage and coordinate the reading



Please check our website at for more information.


Participation is limited to those who can be available for the audition, rehearsals and the actual reading  (as required).


PARTICIPANTS MUST HAVE THEIR OWN LOCAL HOUSING AND TRANSPORTATION AND CAN BE AVAILABLE AT PRE-ARRANGED TIMES. QUESTIONS AND INQUIRIES REGARDING PARTICIPATION IN THE READERS' THEATRE PROJECT MAY BE MADE VIA E-MAIL AT There are no stipends or royalties paid for participation in this program. It’s for fun! This is an opportunity to hear your play, receive audience feedback and introduce the piece to the community at large.

Script submissions are ongoing and may be mailed to:

Beowulf Alley Theatre Company
Readers’ Theatre Program
11 S. 6th Avenue
Tucson, Arizona 85701
Scripts may be e-mailed to but must include in the subject line:


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