Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tucson: Zombies Needed! :)


Sent: Thursday, September 17, 2009 9:36 AM
Subject: Zombies Needed! :)


Hey All!!  :)))
I was contacted by Sony Pictures because they need some help for the local pre-screenings of their new movie ZOMBIELAND!!!!!!!!!
They're wanting several Zombies to dress up and run around the theatre acting like...well...acting like zombies!  LOL  Payment is a free screening to the movie (see it before it releases to the general public on Oct. 2nd) and possibly a t-shirt and/or other promo items.  :)  We're expecting the media as well...
If you're interested, the dates (in order of importance) are:
Sept. 30th:  Need 25 Zombies at Cinemark El Con
Oct 1st:  Need 15 Zombies at the U of A
Sept 28th:  Need 15 Zombies at Harkins Spectrum

All Zombies would need to be there, in make-up, ready to scare, at 6:00pm.  
I need to have definite RSVP's if you are wanting to attend, as there are only a limited number of zombies needed...  Please e-mail me with the names of the people that are coming, and the date you would prefer.
THANKS A TON!!!!!!!!!!
Rosie Zwaduk.  :-)

Mark your Calendars!!  Oct. 24th, the 4th Annual Tucson Zombie-Walk and Thrill the World Charity Event!


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