Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Crazy Summer Fun at Beowulf Alley


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Beowulf Alley Theatre

Crazy Summer at Beowulf Alley!

It's chaos at Beowulf as we present four special performances to finish the summer! Currently running is Jimmy Dees' three one-acts, Dude True Story featuring Jim Ambrosek, Robin Carson, Renata Rauschen, Hal Melfi, Matt Brown, Mark Klugheit and Meagan Jones. Tomorrow (July 25th) at 7:30pm we have a special performance from our new partners Female Story Tellers (FST) in a show called First Impressions! Next is Kathy and Mo's Parallel Lives in a full run from August 9th through the 25th. Kathy Najimy and Mo Gaffney's hilarious comedy features Lisa Mae Roether and Martie van der Voort. Finally, August 30th and 31st, Samantha Cormier presents an evening of music, comedy and dance called Fifty Shades of Red! Whew! Music, drama, comedy, dance! Tickets are available by phone and at the door.

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