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Odyssey Storytelling is seeking storytellers!



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Storytellers needed!


Odyssey Storytelling is seeking tellers for the Thursday, September 5 show: Wild Kingdom; Animal Encounters


Stories of wildlife. From the safari to the Sonoran desert. Snakes and scorpions. Elephants and Emus. Roaches and raccoons. Lions? Tigers? Bears? Oh, YES! That time at the zoo...or out on hike...or the camping trip...then there are the antics of our puppies and kitties. Of course, humans are animals too--tapping into your reptilian brain. Flight or fight--using your animal instincts. Think WILD. Lets hear some roaring. 


Odyssey stories are true, person stories ten-minutes in length. Commitment to being a teller means:

-Attend the show (September 5th, 6:30-9:00) and tell your story

-Attend rehearsal (Thursday, August 29, 6:30)

-Have fun with us!


If you have a great animal tale you'd like to share, contact Adam Hostetter:




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