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Don't Blink Burlesque presents Fanny's Fresh Meat V

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City Week 

by Alison Dorf and Noelle Haro-Gomez

New Burlesque Divas

Fanny's Fresh Meat V

8 and 10 p.m., Friday, July 26

Fluxx Studio and Gallery, 414 E. Ninth St.


Fanny Galore had been performing burlesque since 2008 and is a founding member of the Tucson troupe Don't Blink Burlesque.

After taking a workshop, Galore realized that because she had a teaching background she could combine that with her love of burlesque. So she began teaching at various spots around town as she made a name for herself. She eventually settled at Fanny's Fox Den, 215 N. Hoff Ave., Suite 207, where she offers burlesque, dance and fitness classes.

"Tucson has been really receptive to burlesque, especially at Fanny's Fresh Meat" where all the performers are students, Galore said. "For most of them, it is their first time on stage ... and the audience is really supportive."

The fresh meat consists of students completing Burlesque Performance 101 — a six-week workshop where they learn how to create and perform a solo burlesque act complete with a stage name and costume; and Burlesque Performance 202 — a five-week course for people who have been performing burlesque for at least six months. They perform burlesque together as a final project before graduation.

During Fresh Meat, Galore interacts with the audiences and talks about each performance. At the beginning of the show there is a group performance in which everyone is introduced.

At the end of the show, Galore holds a graduation ceremony that is probably unlike any other grad ceremony you have attended. The students strut across the stage in outfts they have picked out for the occasion. But instead of receiving a diploma, they're given a pair of pasties.

The show is for ages 21 and older. Tickets are $10 and $15.





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