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Casting Call, comedy short "Terms and Conditions"


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On a daily basis, to gain access to wireless services we check the box swearing to God that we have read the terms and conditions, and that having given it careful consideration, we are agreeing to be bound to each and every term (or condition).  Most often, we are agreeing not only that we are bound to the terms and conditions, but that our heirs and assigns are bound.


But you can admit it – not only do you not read each and every set of terms and conditions – you never have read the terms and conditions even once.  Not a single time.


So to gain access to something as simple as wireless service outside the home or office, we are potentially binding ourselves, our spouses, our parents, our children, our friends and our families to an array of indentured servitudes, cult practices, corporate rituals, and long term contracts. 


Undoubtedly you have thoughtlessly checked a box through which you have agreed to have a corporate logo tattooed on your buttocks, committed your sons and daughters to child labor, pledged to exclusive use of a particular brand of dental floss for life, and agreed to bear the children of certain corporate executives who by law should be deemed far too ugly to breed – even by surrogate.


You needed to log on.  You would have agreed to anything – and well – you did agree to anything.


Terms and Conditions is a short film (a comedy) that in mock documentary format will reveal what you are actually agreeing to when you so cavalierly check the little box acknowledging the Terms and Conditions of this or that -- whatever.


We are looking for five male actors and five female actors to play embarrassed and regretful contracting individuals, lawyers who have drafted the terms, and engineers who coded the sites.  The net with which we are fishing for this one is very wide (like off of a Japanese fishing trawler) – tall, short, thin, fat, pretty, and not so pretty.  If you can act – gorgeous will work, but so that sort of odd asymmetrical look that might not be a director’s first pick for the roles that often go to Charlize Theron and William DiCaprio.


Shoot dates have not been set (but will be flexible as different scenes can be shot on different days).  The only requirements really are an ability to act and enthusiasm about the project.  And there are some small roles for people who are new to this, but interested in getting involved.


We are also looking from individuals interested in supporting the production from writers to editors.


This is Virtual Audition.  For actors, send in a headshot or a picture. If you have a resume – great.  If you don’t, tell me a little bit about who you are and why you are interested in the project. (Give me some reason to pick you instead of someone who might be much like you.)


If you have any special skills (baton twirling, belly dancing, fire eating, roller skating, you can put six ping pong balls in your mouth at the same time, removable teeth, unicycle riding, stilts) . . . there is one scene involving being made to work in a circus sideshow and such skills could be integrated.  So let me know about the goats you are herding or the scary looking gauges that stretch out your earlobes.


For production people, tell me what roles in which you are interested (i.e., writing, production assistant, hair, make up, wardrobe, sound, camera, lighting, grip, gaffer, graphic artist, composer, effects, set design, prop master, editor).  New in the field is great, but the more technical the role you are interested in, the more I will be interested in your background.


There is no monetary compensation, but all will receive title credit and a digital copy of the film.


Let me know if you want in.


Chris Raboin

Nine Buddhas Pictures



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