Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Casting Call, "A Few Words About"


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Casting for "A Few Words About."  A steak knife cuts. This word is a butter knife. Fitzgerald wields words with precision.  Homeless men use this word with indifference.  This word can mean to have sex. This word can mean to do violence.  But most often -- it means -- nothing at all.  (In the phrase "what the fuck" -- "what the fuck"--  does the word "fuck" mean?)  "A Few Words About" is a film about a word.  It is a comedy. It is supposed to -- well you know -- with your mind.  Casting for 30 plus actors each of whom will make little quips about the word.  Send your resume and headshot to Chris Raboin at ninebuddhas@gmail.com and he will send you a script.



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