Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Your heartfelt comments and praises touched all of us, especially the student actors.

PCC Theatre Arts

Many of you stayed after each performance to share your own stories with the cast and director. Some of you talked with us before the the show and several of you wrote wonderful notes. And, some very generous patrons put together enough funds to award four of the students with a $500 scholarship. You all left a "piece of your heart" with us. Thank you!

"I saw A Piece of my Heart last weekend and was amazed. The depth that the men and women brought to their roles was remarkable. What really struck me was the acting when they were not delivering lines or in a specific scene. They were present at all times. Really remarkable in actors so young. Hats off to cast and director. This is a production that everyone should see."

     - Arthur Rodger

"My partner Tim and I went to see this Saturday evening....and we were both blown away! Congratulations on another winner.

       I think what impressed us both was the ability of the cast to sustain a fairly high level of emotional intensity, for almost two hours. At the same time, the play never turned 'angry'
.....passionate and heartfelt, yes. In my head, it's fine line to walk, but the actors did it impeccably.

       As a 'child of the sixties' and a student of Presidential history, I've read quite a bit about the war in Southeast Asia; sadly, the role of women in this tragic conflict has largely been ignored. This play helps to remind all of us of the critical role(s) they often played..."

      - Jon Reagan  

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