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IFA December Call Sheet


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1.  Bill Dell Awarded IFA's Public Service Award (2014).  Independent Film Arizona has awarded Bill Dell its Public Service Award for 2014 in recognition of the extraordinary work he does through Tucson Stage in tirelessly finding and announcing opportunities for actors, filmmakers and theater producers and for promoting Southern Arizona film and theater.  No one does more for film and theater in Southern Arizona than Bill Dell.


2.  December 31 Deadline.  Independent Film Arizona is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to supporting and promoting actors and independent filmmakers in Southern Arizona.  If you want your $25 membership donation to IFA to be tax deductible on your 2014 tax return you need to join or renew on or before December 31.  There is no time to waste.  You can become a member of Independent Film Arizona or renew your membership by going to 


3.  A Tucson Carol.   Access Tucson and Strada Company will create an entire feature length film in one night and you will be the star. A Tucson Carol will be filmed December 13, 2014, at Access Tucson, 124 W. Broadway Boulevard in downtown Tucson. The cost of admission is $10 and each patron will receive a part in the film.  For more information contact Michael Fenlason at 520-977-5218 or at


4.  Throw the Bums Out and Ice Cold Beer.  IFA will hold its annual Board elections at its December 2, 2014 Meeting (Tuesday, 7 PM, Connect Workspace, 33 South 5th Avenue (between Congress and Broadway) Downtown Tucson).  You are invited to come and vote for the bums of your choosing.  But to run for the Board or to vote -- you need to join Independent Film Arizona -- which you can do for a $25 tax deductible donation at   If for reasons you don't need to be able to explain, you want to run for the IFA Board, first go to the website and pay up your $25 bucks and then just send your name and the office you want to run for (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary or Board Member at Large) to  After the election (no matter who wins or who losses) we will tap a keg of beer to celebrate.  Come lift a plastic cup.  The meeting is free and open to all.  The beer is free and open to anyone 21 or over. 


5.  IFA's Women in Filmmaking Meeting.  IFA's Tuesday January 2, Meeting (7 PM, Connect Workspace, 33 South 5th Avenue (between Congress and Broadway) in Downtown Tucson)) will feature a panel presentation on women in filmmaking and we will show three short films by women filmmakers.  If you are interested in helping to organize this meeting or being a part of the panel presentation, send an e-mail to 


6.  It's A Wonderful Life.  The Fox Theatre presents the holiday classic, It's a Wonderful Life, directed by Frank Capra and starring James Stewart.  What a great way to celebrate Kwanza or the Winter Solstice -- a classic film in a classic theater.  December 20. 8 PM.  Fox Theatre.  17 West Congress.  Tucson.


7.  IFA Actor Head Shot and Resume Book.  Independent Film Arizona has collected hundreds of actor head shots and resumes, which it is compiling into a book, and making available to non-profits (like the Tucson Film Office, Access Tucson, and Tucson Stage -- free of charge) and to directors and casting directors for a modest fee to cover compilation and copying.  There is no charge to actors to be in the book, so send your head shot and resume in today to  You don't want to be left out.  It is cold out there in the head shot and resume wilderness.


8.  First Position.  This is an excellent documentary about the Youth America Grand Prix (one of the world's largest ballet competitions). Ballet is one tough game.  Lots of war ravaged little toes and and even more broken hearts.  December 6.  4 PM. The Loft. 3233 East Speedway.  Tucson.  


9.  Ya Ya Digs The Fish.  Ya Ya Perez (Independent Film Arizona's Resident Film Critic) recommends Your Inner Fish.  This is a PBS documentary (available on Netflix) that takes a fresh look at human evolution.  Let's face it -- you never really understood all of that stuff about finch beaks when you read the original text of Darwin's On the Origin of Species (cover to cover).  You never read The Origin of Species?  No need to get it now.  Just check out Your Inner Fish.  The best film on comparative embryonic development that you will see this year.


10.  December 5th is First Friday at the Loft.  Friday (December 5) is the first Friday of the month so at 9:00 PM Max Cannon will be hosting First Friday at the Loft (3233 East Speedway in Tucson).  Bring your short (less than 15 minutes) to the Loft during the day on Friday and see if it gets some love (and a $200 cash prize) on Friday night or if it gets the feared gong.  It costs nothing to submit a film and all films play for at least three minutes. Isn't it time that you were brave enough to show your film out in the real world?


11.  The Theory of Everything.  This is a drama about the life of Stephen Hawkings (A Brief History of Time).  You have seen all of the documentaries, now go see the boy meets girl movie.  Harkins Spectrum 18.  5455 South Calle Santa Cruz.  (I-19 and Irvington.)


12.  Casting for "A Few Words About."  A steak knife cuts. This word is a butter knife. Fitzgerald wields words with precision.  Homeless men use this word with indifference. This word can mean to have sex. This word can mean to do violence.  But most often -- it means -- nothing at all.  (In the phrase "what the fuck" -- "what the fuck"--  does the word "fuck" mean?)  "A Few Words About" is a film about a word.  It is a comedy. It is supposed to -- well you know -- with your mind. Casting for 30 plus actors each of whom will make little quips about the word.  Send your resume and headshot to Chris Raboin at and he will send you a script.


13.  Murder for Two.  The Arizona Theatre Company is presenting Murder for Two (thirteen roles played by two actors) directed by Scott Schwartz. November 29 - December 20.  Temple of Music and Art.  330 South Scott.  Tucson.  For more information go to or call the box-office at 520-622-2823.


14.  Mariachi Divas.  The Rialto Theatre presents Mariachi Divas.  December 19, 7:00 PM.  The Rialto Theater.  318 East Congress.  Tucson.  Ya Ya Perez digs girl mariachis and this is like an entire orchestra of girl mariachis.  Check it out.


15.  Waiting for Godot.  The Rogue Theatre presents Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot directed by Cynthia Meier. January 8 -25.  The Rogue Theatre 300 East University, Tucson.  Additional information at  Ya Ya admits that she never really understood Waiting for Godot (and she never really read The Origin of Species).  But she does know the The Rogue does wonderful work and if you dig excellent acting, you should go (and then maybe you can explain it to her).  


16. United.  The Winding Road Theater Ensemble presents Toni Press-Coffman's United directed by Erin Merritt.  February 5 -- 22.  The Temple of Art and Music Cabaret Space, 330 South Scott.  Times and Tickets at


17. Holly Jolly.  The Community Players presents Have a Holly Jolly Christmas: Your Favorites Sung by Your Favorites"  December 12-21. Community Playhouse. 1881 North Oracle Road.  Tucson.  For more information go to  Even Ya Ya knows this is a holiday show.  Light.  Fun.  And Ya Ya is tickled by going to watch theater at Community Playhouse. because the building has a history totally unlike The Fox or The Rialto.


18.  You Can't Take it With You.  The Santa Cruz Shoestring Players are presenting You Can't Take It With You directed by Susan Voorhees.  January 24-31.  The Community and Arts Center. 1250 West Continental Road.  Green Valley.  OK -- you are saying who wants to drive to Green Valley.  You do.  This is a great facility and the Santa Cruz Shoestring Players  regularly sell out.  It is great theater and really only 15 minutes (OK 30 minutes) down the road.


19.  Volunteer for IFA.  If you want to become more involved in Independent Film Arizona, volunteer by sending your name and contact information and a little bit about how you are interested in film to Antonella at


20.  Make an Announcement in IFA's Call Sheet.  If you want to make an announcement in Call Sheet (casting, looking for collaborators or promoting an existing film or arts project) you can announce it in Call Sheet. It goes out to over 4,000 actors and filmmakers each month. And it's free.  Send your announcement to



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