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Reveille Live and Thrives in the Holiday Season


Reveille Men's Chorus presents 'TIS THE 20th SEASON, a holiday celebration in their 20th anniversary year spreading music, laughter, and a mission of "Changing Lives Through Music" to Southern Arizona and abroad!

Ticket prices are : $25 General Admission and $ 20  for Seniors and Children  
Tickets may be purchased  through
Group ticket sales available. 

A New Chorus Member Profile - Jay Baker 

When were you born? May 2nd, 1969
Where did you grow up? Tucson
When did you move to Tucson? Most recently in 2010. I moved back from San Francisco, where I did my field work.
What brought you to Tucson? I came back to write my dissertation.
What do you do for a living? I work at Trader Joe's as a sign artist.
How long have you been with Reveille? Just joined this season!
What motivated you to join? I had often thought about joining, but Shawn, who is a friend of my fiancée, was at the house for a party, and we were all singing in the living room. He asked why I hadn't auditioned for the chorus, and I remembered suddenly that he was Reveille's Director. I
What keeps you coming back? I love to sing, and I love being able to do it without thinking I am annoying the people around me. 
If you could pick any song for Reveille to sing what would it be? Something from Scala and the Kolacny Brothers, like their choral cover of Radiohead's Creep or their cover Damien Rice's The Blower's Daughter.
What's your biggest regret? Listening to those who told me when I was younger that the things I loved—like art and singing and acting—were frivolous and irresponsible, and eventually forced me to put them all aside.
What's your best asset? My intelligence and my wit. 
Who do you admire the most?  My grandmother. She still doesn't take any crap at 92.
 Any parting words you'd care to share? Are we parting?? I'm pretty sure I just got here….


The men of Reveille do more than just make beautiful music together once a week and our fun together doesn't end after rehearsals end on Monday nights.  Singers get to know each other better through outings and parties, developing bonds that cross boundaries of age, race, educational background, and income level and helping make a tight-knit group.  October's Halloween party saw members and their friends old and new, young and not-as-young-as-they-used-to-be, celebrating Tucson's cooler weather together and carving the jack-o'-lanterns seen here.

(Pumpkins carved by (top row, left to right): Mark Schaye, Brad Brockman, Rob Groves, Cole Eskridge, Harrison Johnson, (bottom row, left to right): Zach Balthis, William Anderson, Scott Schoen, Jeff Perry)


From the Podium!
Make Reveille a part of YOUR holiday tradition!

With the holidays comes deadlines, parties, shopping, family (for good or bad)- bottom line: STRESS. Sometimes we find ourselves unable to get into the holiday spirit- this is when Reveille comes in! Come enjoy an evening/afternoon of holiday music that will make you smile, remind you of memories past, and help spark the start to your holiday season. Traditions are a part of this season, and we would love for Reveille to become or continue to be a tradition with your friends and family! Hope to see you all from the music stand!

'Tis the Giving Season


It's that time of year when we give thanks, beginning thinking about things gone by and remember those that mean that most to us - family and friends.  In our 20th season at Reveille, we are giving thanks to all of our fans and members who give so much to make Reveille a success and able to meet its mission of "Changing Lives Through Music."

We also recognize this is giving season, and we are grateful to be on the receiving side of your generous contributions.  While thinking about who you will be giving to this year, consider Reveille and think about all the great things your contributions do:

- sponsor new young singers into a world where music helps literally transform their lives;

- provide support for spreading the mission internationally every two years;

- maintain the highest level of musical excellence by allowing us to keep truly talented artists;

- allow us to do outreach performances to support agencies providing services to those in need;

Looking forward to seeing you all at this year's 20th Season Holiday Show that takes us back to fan favorites and introduces some new delights.

Reveille Board of Directors

Stephen Michael


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