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St. Francis Theatre is auditioning for PIECES


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St. Francis Theatre is auditioning for PIECES

St. Francis Theatre is auditioning for PIECES, an original play written and directed by Mike Wilkinson.  The script is a full length, domestic drama in two acts.  A story of young woman trying to assess her life as it has been handed to her and what she has made of it all.  The play features humor as well as more serious moments. Opportunities for strong, essential male and female parts.


Character Descriptions:


1)  Female Narrator and Lead Actor:   Age: 35


2)  Young version of Narrator:    Age: 13   (Cameo)


3)  High School version of Female Lead:  Age 18


4)  Mother of Female Lead:    Age 52


5)  Mother of High School boyfriend:   Age   42


6)  Stepfather of Lead Character:   Age: 62


7)  Father of High School boyfriend:    Age 50


8)  Boyfriend:  Age 18


9)  Female teacher, friend of  Lead:   Age 36


10)  Male teacher and partner of Lead:  Age 34


11)  Daughter of  Female Lead:     Age 18


12)  Father of Female Lead:     Age 79


 Audition times:

Tuesday   November 18th   from 6pm to 9pm - Room 50

Thursday, November 20th  from 6pm to 9pm - Room 30-31

Saturday,  November 22nd  from 10am to 1pm - Room 30-31

Saturday,  November 29th  from 10am to 1pm - Room 30-31

Auditions held at St Francis in the Foothills  4625 E. River Rd.  Tucson AZ 85718.  Come prepared to read excerpts from the script that will be provided.  Bring a bio and headshot, if available.  Plan to stay for up to 2 to 3 hours. Stipends available.

St. Francis Theatre has provided a wide variety of theatrical entertainment to a loyal following for over 20 years.  We specialize in offering a quality theatre experience in an intimate setting at an affordable price.  

Contact Dave at St. Francis Theater if you wish to confirm the date you will attend or with any questions at: theplaysthethingdg@gmail.com

Performance dates: 5-22-15 to 5-31-15


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