Thursday, November 13, 2014

This Weekend With TIM

Join us for the

Funny on Fourth




A Saturday Night of Comedy to Remember 


Start the night at 7 PM with Improv Throwdown.  Our short form show is a fast paced, gut busting battle to win all of the street cred!  


MC: Cory Jenks

Red: Andrew Hatch, Raymond Thomas, and Stephanie Lovinger

Black: Jessica Hill, Dave Devery, and Robbie Webber



Then at 9 PM, enjoy a night of long from comedy at harold Night.  Kelsey Improv opens the show, a visiting long from team from Phoenix.  Then TIM INC performs the harold, bringing the most famous long format to Tucson!




TIM Celebrates All Souls


TIM loves local comedy and the local community!  On Sunday night the TIM performing company painted up and went to the All Souls Procession!  #Tucson




Thank you for your everlasting support of TIM!  Watch this space next week for two very special announcements!  One involves a visiting improviser the second is the list of all of our upcoming classes!  #YesAndLife #TIMprov





Local: 520-314-7299


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