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AUDITIONS for ETCETERA, the late-night arm of Live Theatre Workshop


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Call for Auditions

ETCETERA, the late-night arm of Live Theatre Workshop, is auditioning for

PLAYING WITH FIRE (after Frankenstein)

By Barbara Field


Directed by Kendall Phillips



University of Arizona, Tournabene room 116

Friday, September 13th from 4-5:30pm


Synopsis: This Halloween season, ETCETERA will produce this adaptation of Mary Shelley's most famous work. Originally commissioned by the Guthrie Theatre, this adaptation retells the classic tale in a new way. It begins where the original left off--with the Creator and his Monster on the Frozen tundra--and father & son, God & Adam, finally get to confront each other. As they weave through each other's memories, we see the horrors unfold and witness the answers come to light.


Auditions will consist of cold readings from the play. Sides will be provided at the audition. Those who audition should be committed and willing to constantly come into the rehearsal room with strong choices.


Scheduling: Rehearsals will be flexible but the show dates are set for October 18 - Nov 2, Fridays & Saturdays @ 10:30PM, Sundays & Thursdays at 8PM. (There will be a total of five performances--details at auditions.) Those who have the ability to rehearse late at night and on weekends will be looked at favorably.




Victor: Male. Will need to look like a young college student. He is a character who is both the romantic love interest and the passionate scientist who withers his life away in a lab and runs away from all his problems. Innocent but going down a dark road.


Frankenstein: Male. Victor, but weathered and no longer innocent.  At the end of his pursuit of The Creature.


The Creature: Male. Innocent and new to the world, but just wants to be understood in a world that won’t listen. Strong physicality and vocal manipulation will be needed to create this character.


Adam: Same expectations of the Creature. The two will work closely together.


Professor Kempe: Male or possibly Female. Could be a student who can convincingly play a college professor. A professor who makes his career off of his students and is in constant fear that he will never leave a legacy behind. At times he is the Devil that whispers in Frankenstein's ear and at others he's the mentor trying to protect him. 


Elizabeth: Female. Young ingenue with a warm personality yet is the rock within the Frankenstein household. She is a person full of love and helps bring Victor out of the darkness and into the light.


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